Penicillin On Wax Let's jump right into it, every one is anticipating

your new CD- The Self. Why do you think there is such a buzz surrounding

your CD?

Kam: The masses want a change in what they hear. They want the conscious.

They want some thing with more grit, more substance.

AllHopHop: You know, I would like your opinion, the colleges are

speaking out about lyrics that are anti women, what are your thoughts about

this. You are apart of the Gangster Rap genre.

Kam: It makes no fu**ing sense to me as to why we would dismiss the person

we come out of- The Black Woman. I mean that shit don't make sense.

AllHopHop: I got a chance to listen to some of your CD. And

without a doubt I am so impressed with your CD. This seems like to me, the

best CD that you have produced thus far, what did you do different?

Kam: Well, I just tightened up the production. I think pain and my own

personal struggles made me come from a deeper level. My production is

hitting harder, My lyrics are hitting harder, My record label have hard

riders on it. So we are taking no prisoners this year and we are just gonna

be straight bangin'…

AllHopHop: What is your relationship to the streets?

Kam: (Ha) I am a street nigga. I mean my album Kamnesia was highly rotated

in the prisons, in the gutters of America, the mainstream didn't pay my sh*t

any attention, but the Crips, the Bloods, the Black Guerillas, the hustlers,

the Gangsters paid my sh*t attention. And that's who I am talking to on this

CD, the streets. My relationship with the Streets and the Struggle hasn't

changed. It wont change, Allah willing.

AllHopHop: Ok, now why did you name your CD - The SELF?

Kam: Because at every level no matter where you go to, you gonna have to

deal with your self sooner or later. The hood we gotta get ourselves

together, America gotta take a look at herself, and I had to look at myself

when I was going through some shit in my life, it went back to me, and what

the f**k I was doing. America running around looking for terrorists, well

shit she is the number one terrorists, she gotta look at The Self.

AllHopHop: Speaking of America, and the number one Fox News

Devil advocate, Bill O Reily do you have any thoughts on him?

Kam: Naw, Sh*t. F**k him. Period. He ain’t fit to judge the hood, me or my


AllHopHop: You being in the Nation [of Islam] has it made it more

difficult speaking out on 9/11?

Kam: Yea I mean just look at the sh*t with Public Enemy, MTV tried to ban

their sh*t because of a Mumia picture come on now! America doesn't want the

truth. But we got people like Farrakhan, who don't give a f**k about

entertaining falsehood and popularity contests. He just care about the

truth. I follow his example. We all should. Speak up no matter who or


AllHopHop: Are you afraid of the war against Iraq?

Kam: We've been at war. Black people been attacked. This war ain’t new to

us. 9/11 happened 24/7 in Watts, in Detroit, in Compton, in Philly, in

Queens, we were always unsure when a tragic event would wipe out our entire

community. That sh*t is nothing new to us.

AllHopHop: Every one wanted us to ask you about Ice Cube and your

beef with Ice Cube. You both started on the same page, now on a total

different direction, you care to comment?

Kam: He is on his path, I am on mine. I don't like to entertain small

nigga vs. nigga beefs. I'm fighting something bigger- oppression. I am

going against the evils of the government, and world leaders. I ain’t

interested in no silly as beef against my brother. Sh*t we need to unite and

fight this common enemy.

AllHopHop: Being in the Nation, you still curse, you still carry

yourself like a gangster, do you get flack from members in the Nation?

Kam: It's a struggle to be righteous in a world that's anti-God,

anti-peace, anti- Black. So I ain’t gonna put on no fake ass persona for

Nobody. I chill with the same niggas I did in the beginning, and I'm

Muslim. I bang for the right side now. That's the only difference, I'm

still in the Street.

AllHopHop: Why should people get your upcoming CD, when does it

come out? What can we expect?

Kam: I mean you can expect some sh*t that will make the hair on your neck

stand up, and some mellow shit. You can expect me to kick the real sh*t,

and bang all the way through it. There is no softness in this CD period.

But get it because you want to get it. Don't get it because of a f**king

commercial. In 2003 start following your hearts again, honor the struggle,

by really listening to your hearts.