Pitch Black Law

Artist: Pitch BlackTitle: Pitch Black LawRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Ra'Chelle Rogers

Jiggaman aint the only one claimin ‘lights out’…

The gritty and grimy streets of NYC’s most notorious borough (Brooklyn) has unleashed five new deadly venoms, (D.G., Devious, Fast, G.O.D. and Zakee) collectively known as Pitch Black (PB). After creating a buzz in the hip-hop underground scene, PB paid dues opening shows for other artists, self promoting and even dropping an independent mixed CD featuring DJ Kay Slay. Yet and still they never achieved mainstream success. Contrary to their moniker, now with a new record deal, eye-catching street promotion and the release of their long anticipated debut, Pitch Black Law, the future for these Brooklyn MCs is not so dark.

Reminiscent of a young MOP, Pitch Black is likely to incite a riot with the violently charged opener “Pop Off”. Here they make it immediately clear that it’s much safer with them off the streets and inside the studio. Cocky, arrogant and full of Brooklyn swagger, the group is in straight gangsta mode as they let you know exactly who they are on the emphatic banger “Recognize”. Although Swizz Beats offers solid production on “Shake That Ass”, booty songs are definitely not their niche. It’s on old school tracks like the DJ Premier produced, “It’s All Real” that finds PB in true form; or the inspirational “To Be The Best” that persuasively represents the depth of pure Hip-Hop and the struggle for all underground artists. Fox Boogie holds it down for the shorties on “Got It Locked” adding some much needed feminine kitty power.

As long as PB can stay away from songs that are commercial radio filler like the Teddy Riley produced, “Geechy” and stay true to their underground roots, they will always be respected. Upon listening to Pitch Black Law true hip-hop heads that have been waiting for PB to fully emerge will be relieved to hear that although their plan is to sell more records, they kept it street and therefore didn’t sell out.