Playaz Circle: Supply & Demand

After hooking up with Disturbing tha Peace Tity Boi and Dolla Boi of Collipark rap duo Playaz Circle fell into personal trouble. After navigating through those murky waters, they were signed by Ludacris and became full members of the DTP family, appearing on the Ludacris Presents: Disturbing tha Peace compilation. Since then they have finally put together a debut with Supply & Demand (Disturbing Tha Peace). They caught plenty of buzz after dropping the Lil’ Wayne laced single “Duffle Bag Boy”. It is a shame though that this album is plagued by Jekyll and Hyde song placement; showing a glimmer of potential that is behind a mask of redundancy.“Duffle Bag Boy” aside, this project does have some jewels on it. “Betta Knock” featuring Ludacris has the potential to be a strip club anthem with its heavy bass. “U Can Believe It” is backed by soulful production as well as some patented Ludacris potency that gets your head knocking. “Paper Chaser” with Phonte of Little Brother is an endearing track that features the rapper turned singer crooning about the money and the trouble it brings. Additionally, “Let Me Fly” isn’t the most lyrical joint, but it’s a true look into their thought process and is one of the album’s saving graces.On the other hand, the CD is full of filler, which is extremely surprising, considering it is only eleven tracks deep. It is almost expected that you are going to need to fast forward after every other track, with duds such as “#1 Trap Pick,” “We Workin’,” “Paint Still Wet” and “Gucci Bag.” All of the above are essentially the same track played over a different beat, filled with lackluster dope dealer influenced bars and redundant production.Ironically they start off here with “Dear Mr. LA Reid;” a plea to show that they are above Duffle Bag Boy mentality. “Dear Mr. LA Reid duffle bag is just a seed/ I hope to see our vision, that there is no competition”. They end up coming across as the group that has a chance to break from the pack, however, most of the time they run in the same circles they plead to break. SOUNDCHECK: