Playing With Fire

Artist: Kevin FederlineTitle: Playing With FireRating: 1 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Alex Thornton

Some things are so bad that they can be entertaining in an ironic sense, but Kevin Ferderline's Playing With Fire (Reincarnate) is not in this

category. K-Fed's inexcusably poor attempts at rapping are too bad even to laugh at, let alone ride with. Kevin constantly whines about the paparazzi following him, but between his impending divorce and this terrible album, they shouldn't be a problem much longer.

On "America's Most Hated," the former Mr. Spears declares, "All the shi*t rappers talk about, I already did it." Really, Kevin? This phony, wannabe posturing pervades the lyrics despite his obvious lack of credibility. No guest MC that you've ever heard of checks in to help,

but Britney's fading star shines itself on "Crazy". The obligatory

collaboration features overdone production, weak, breathy vocals and

the worst attempt to pass for a real rapper since MC Scat Cat joined

Paula Abdul for "Opposites Attract". The cartoon feline was more


With expectations set so low, K-Fed's attempt is admittedly better than

you might expect, but still worse than you would imagine. Rather than

listening to Playing With Fire, spend your day playing with actual

fire. The consequences are less dangerous.