Poor People's Day

Artist: Bigg JusTitle: Poor People's DayRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Angus Crawford

Those familiar with Bigg Jus, formerly of Company Flow, will not be surprised by the title of his latest album, Poor People’s Day (Mush). However, new listeners will find the title a bit misleading, because the politically charged lyrics expected are too few and far between the scientific non sequiturs.

At his best, Bigg Jus evokes thoughts of Chuck D, albeit with a touch of Kool Keith, when he spits, “We want self-reliance and equitable consideration/We don’t need no IMF structure adjustment” on the inspired “This Is Poor People’s Day”. When Jus remains political, DJ GMan’s static and thumpin’ beats provide a nice backdrop for Jus on songs like “Supa Nigga” and the thought provoking “When They Start…1997 Uptop Sh*t”. Unfortunately he often veers from the social and political rhymes and DJ GMan’s production is wasted behind the disjointed lyrics.

Though many lines sound like rambling, luckily the CD comes packaged with lyrics for most of the songs. On “Halogen Lanterns” Jus mysteriously rhymes, “Hallucinating with visions of caterpillars chewing away at the neurovascular veins in your limbs”, which should leave most listeners confused.

Like most underground artists, Bigg Jus has carved his niche and his hardcore fans will enjoy every song on Poor People’s Day. Others should make sure they read along when listening.