Pras: On Wave Music And The Shooting Of Tupac

Pras and Chuck Creekmur talks and an incredible conversation is the result. Nothing is off limits.

(AllHipHop Features) Most people don’t realize how entrenched in the culture Pras Michél is. The former Fugee rapper is blowing a room full of onlookers at Manhattan's WonWorld Studios with a tale about Tupac.

“Tupac was my man,” he says forebodingly. “But I was running around with some dudes back in the day - Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchmen. They had they thing going on.” That thing, was the first time Tupac got shot and Pras was almost with the Cali legend at the time of the infamous assault. ”The night Tupac (was shot) first incident that happened at Quad (studios), I was with him that night before he went to Quad. Before he went to Quad, I was with him earlier on that day. I got two calls. A call from (Fugee member) Clef and (director) Mario Van Peebles was doing a movie called “Panther” and he was like ‘I’m a fan of these dudes - I want them to be on the soundtrack,’ but we only had one night to record the record.”

Pras details how he was given specific instructions not to be with Tupac at Quad. He complied and later that night, Tupac was shot as he went to Quad in 1994. To fully grasp the gravity of this moment, you have to watch the AllHipHop interview at about the 13-minute mark.

People don’t quite understand how much Pras as endured in the rap game.

In fact, the NJ native is kind of like a crocodile in Hip-Hop. Seriously, as a member of The Fugees, the Hip-Hop collective with the highest selling group rap album ever, he’s been creating music since the 1990’s Golden Era. Most of the dinosaurs of that era are gone, extinct or just holding on. Not Pras Michél. He has maintained a presence in film, TV, technology and now returns to Hip-Hop with Wave Music, his new EP.

He got stories, views and opinions to match his tenure.

Pras joined AllHipHop in WonWorld Studios with a slight bop, as he was fresh, fit and ready to talk. “Coming from music - Hip-Hop - you always gonna have an affinity for it no matter what you got going on,” he admitted. “The good thing about Hip-Hop is has grown, right? So, my generation is still active. I think the generation before me, after a certain age limit, people wasn't trying to hear it. Now we evolved with it.”

Wave Music has Pras spitting new school flows along side of Young MA, Zoe Dollaz and Steph Lecor. The music is almost like a tepid toe in some cold, cold water. A lot has changed since the Fugee’s hey day. A confident hit maker, Pras is back.

In this remarkable conversation, Pras talks unfiltered to Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur. He talks further about the beef with Tupac and the Fugees, the tension with The Roots, and even why the older class of Haiti needs to be done away with completely. Check out the interview.