Preview: 50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct”

AllHipHop Staff

Well, you already know what is it.

The internet has struck again, but this may not work in a negative way. We’ve seen several leaky releases this year, and they all have not resulted in some form of negativity. Jay-Z is a good example of this notion, as he's sold a lot of records.

Non Juan is some dude we came across the "internets" and he has heard the new 50 Cent album so we decided to let him present his early bird review of Before I Self Destruct.

The retail version of the album is not available yet, nor are the special features (movies, documentaries) that are supposed to be included with it. Anyway, this puppet decided to speak his peace on it.

Dude is proof that the internet is not going to be regulated, but that promotion is promotion.

Here is Non’s opinion.