Priority Records Signee Unghetto Mathieu Releases New Visual For "Yeah" Ft. Fly Ty

Priority Records Signs The 'New Wave' Prince of Atlanta, none other than Unghetto Mathieu.

Priority Records' has welcomed a new signee, Unghetto Mathieu,17, who happens to be one of the most socially relevant high schoolers in Atlanta.

Known for their original music “Gang Up” and “Yeah,” lead by Unghetto Mathieu, the team not only represents the new wave, but supports the essence of Unghetto Mathieu's stardom. The team's creativity is built off imagery and magnetic production - pitching ideas until their ideas sync, which 99.9 % of the time they do! With hard work and sleepless nights, Unghetto Mathieu landed a major ad with Nike for the 'New Atlanta' AF1's campaign and as a finalist in both the Fresh Empire and Complex New Wave platforms respectively.

With a list of comments under his Instagram and YouTube posts using the fire emojis and a guest appearance on Spotify's RapCaviar's stage this summer in Atlanta, Unghetto Mathieu exemplifies performance energy and skill that leaves fans wanting more! With his career growing as fast as his followers, Unghetto Mathieu continues to contribute to the evolution of dance and 'Happy' Trap music.

Unghetto Mathieu, has just released his

snowmachine-heavy, super-vibey visual "Yeah," ft. Fly Ty check out the video below!

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