Producers! The Return of the Beat Melee

AllHipHop Staff

What’s up hustlers, beatsmiths,

keybangers, tech nerds, and production enthusiasts. The Beat Melee

is back!! It’s time to step into the arena, get judged by a collection

of your audio loving peers, to determine who is the best unsigned, untapped

producer in the World. Don’t be shy or afraid to take your creative

talents to the next level. The rules for the competition are as


Each participant

must submit 3 tracks to qualify for the battle. Tracks must be

in Mp3 format, playable through Gmail. No zip folders or external links

will be opened. Submit tracks to with subject line “Beat Melee”

Copy and Paste the form below with the appropriate information.


Where you are from:

Who is your favorite producer:

A description of your style

of music:

The best way for someone to

contact you:

Each producer by

participating is certifying that he/she is not signed or does not have

any standard industry credits to their resume.

Submissions must

be made by 12am Sunday night to be judged for the Wednesday battles.

Submissions will

be judged by the following criteria

Variety of beats


Clarity of the mix

Variety of Sounds

Battles take place

every Wednesday exclusively on

The first week two

contestants will be selected to duel. Weekly winners will continue to

advance until they reach “Immortal Trackster” status.

The online community

will judge the battle and the winner is the one who receives the most

votes by 12am on Friday night.

If you’re tracks

are not selected initially, keep submitting.

Status Levels are below

After One win = Casio Keybanger 

After Two wins= 16 Track Boarder 

After Three wins= Pro


After Four wins= Retired “Immortal

Trackster” Each producer to reach this status will receive a feature

interview on the popular production website

Good luck to you, and happy