Proof: Airs It All Out

AHH: In the past week, all Hell has broken loose

in the media and the Internet, just tell me what your reaction is to the way

everyone responded to you specifically (not d-12) and Royce?

Proof: I ain’t checkin’ the site.

AHH: Well, is it out of hand?

Proof: What are you hearing, so I can tell you?

AHH: The biggest thing I heard was Royce released

a statement mentioning you cocking your pistol on his


Proof: (hysterically laughing) That’s what

he said? I ain’t never, I would never do no sh*t like that.

AHH: He mentioned you two have gone back a ways

and this whole things blown out of proportion, he mentioned

you taking your sons to Chuck E. Cheez together. It seems like he’s looking

for a verdict in this, and I’m not trying

to be an olive branch here. I’m just telling you what I’ve read.

Proof: Alright. The truth of the matter without

all the glitz and glamour that he needs for attention. The truth of

the matter is that Royce has opened his mouth and get his self into trouble

with people he ain’t got nothing to do

with. He went on the radio here (Detroit) and dissed some people he had no business

dissing. The truth of the

matter is we do go back. I’ve always been in these streets and been thorough

with it, he ain’t for real with these

streets. He playin’ a game, which he should stop doing. He try to act harder

than all that sh*t, and then dissing

some of our crew, and dissing what Em built and opportunities he’s had.

So he’s just a bitter man, you know what

I’m saying.

AHH: Do you attribute that to envy?

Proof: Gotta be. Because, think of this. How

is it that you’re retaliating to a diss we made, when you put on a site,

in audio, that we put at the beginning of our diss, then even, come on radio

and play a diss that you did three years ago. Who has the envy?

AHH: As a friend though, do you see an end to

this thing, or is more like an end of a period in your life?

Proof: I see it like this, I know Royce through

rapping. And that’s where it can stop. Soon as he start talking all

this street sh*t on air, I think he took it to a whole new level. He didn’t

have to do nothing like that. He got on air

talking about “meet him at a club, he’ll beat our asses” and

all this. He taking it so far it’s ridiculous. He try to

reverse it like we taking it to the streets, like we doing diss records, man

YOU DOING THIS! Maybe it’s the drugs

though, I don’t know.

AHH: Over the years, a few times D-12 has been

attacked. The first time I can think of was Everlast. Does this

bring your crew closer together when you have people talking on it?

Proof: Kinda do. When we lose our grasp of reality

of who we are, we are the dudes at the top of chain whether

people like it or not, we ain’t had an album out in two years. He mad cuz

he put out a record that sold 4500 copies his first week. Don’t try to

gain attention that way, that’s wack. You know you dissed the sh*t outta

us. And that was that reply from the members of mine, that’s what they

wanted to do because he always doing some snaky sh*t. And then to say that we

thought he dissed us on Anger Management or whatever like that, well how is

it if that’s the thing, that he already had a diss three years ago? Anger

Management 2 was not three years ago. You see how contradictary that is?

AHH: So you didn’t initiate this, you’re

just watching it conquer himself?

Proof: Right, ‘cuz all he gotta do is shut

the f*ck up. You don’t understand how it is out here in these streets,

they got hip-hop clubs breaking his records and sh*t. His whole life’s

a contraction. He the king of Detroit, but he not even from Detroit. I loved

the diss song he did, I thought it was great! Em didn’t want us to retaliate

‘cuz Em feel like he stickin’ a knife in his back going this far and

talking bout the Elton John thing. That’s a part of Em life

that he feels is about to be cut off. ‘Cuz he like what else could I do

for the man. I got him three deals, I mean

damn! I’m his best friend. He didn’t get me a deal nowhere. I went

out and got it on my own. Some man sh*t.

Proof: Put this though as a quote for Royce,

and tell him this. This is straight from the horse’s mouth. “Only

a fool

chooses war over peace. Because in war, fathers bury sons. And in peace, sons

bury fathers.”