Pryslezz Will Leave You Leaning Sideways

AllHipHop Staff

An MC who transgresses the borders

of lyrical depth and a fun-loving personality is a rare creature. Cincinnati

rapper Pryslezz, however, is a prime example of such an artist. Infusing

fun and substance into both his musical style and stage persona, the

talented young MC allows a refreshing escape from the typically monochrome

industry status quo. With such a focus on the lyrical quality

of Hip-Hop at present, many people seem to forget that music, first

and foremost, is a form of entertainment, although Pryslezz is the clear

exception to this rule.

His latest single Sideways,

which pays homage to the joys of an Alizé-fueled evening, provides

a witty cocktail of fun and wordplay that can be appreciated by all

palates. It is this understanding of both necessary musical elements

that separates Pryslezz from the majority of rappers today. “Lyricism

is always good, but if there’s no personality or no energy and excitement

behind it, then it’s pretty much lost,” he explains. “So when

you have a good balance of both, it’s entertaining as well as giving

some substance.”

Quick to warn about the perils of ignoring

the entertainment value of music, he adds that he hopes his audience

“feel good, especially with songs like Sideways,” stating that

the main aim of his music is to uplift people. After all, Pryslezz understands

that above all music is a form of escapism for many people today, especially

for those who are musically-inclined. “It all comes out in the music;

that is a way of escape,” he says. “It’s great to feel good after

listening to or creating something.”

Of course not all of his music has

the same vibe as Sideways, in fact his album Death of a Man,

Rebirth of a King provides a much greater wealth of wordplay and

useful insights into life. Essentially the project documents adaptation

and maturity, not only on artistic but also on personal terms. “Basically,

the concept behind it is that in order to change, you have to get rid

of a part of yourself,” Pryslezz claims. He then continues to explain

that he likes to call change “a tragic assassination of oneself.”

Although a number of experiences contributed to the concept, he considers

the process of change the main influence for the project, stating “It’s

not really the experiences but [rather] the actual act of going through

things, maturing and evolving afterwards.”

Death of a Man, Rebirth of a King

is equally as diverse musically as it is lyrically, featuring the likes

of Slum Village, soul singers Raheem DeVaughn and Dwele, pop singer

Jason Derulo, label mate N.O.X. and even rock fusion bands like Soler

Mesh and Purple Popcorn. When listening to the album, it becomes immediately

clear that the Pryslezz experience has been greatly enriched by its’

various features, providing a refreshing new flavor of Hip-Hop. An enthusiastic

advocate for the art of collaboration, he claims that “everybody had

something different to bring to the table.”

“Working with Dwele and Raheem DeVaughn,

they have a lot of soul, so to add that to me brings a whole different

type of flavour and that’s something I can carry with me to any future

project,” he explains proudly. After all, it is only by working together

and building from one another that rappers can help to develop and evolve

the genre, especially with Hip-Hop being “a child of lots of different

genres.” Heavily influenced by the legendary producer J Dilla, Pryslezz

adds that sampling is a huge factor in the diversity and versatility

of Hip-Hop, although he has chosen to focus primarily on the lyricism

and live instrumentation for this latest album.

A self-proclaimed sucker for lyrical

Hip-Hop Pryslezz explains, “I definitely like substance and one thing

about [lyrically-focused rappers] is that they have substance but they

know how to have fun too.” He also counts artists such as Mos Def,

Common, Talib Kweli and Ghostface Killah as significant influences,

alongside Hip-Hop heavyweights Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z, as “they tend

to be well-rounded,” a factor which he truly appreciates. In fact,

it is this well-rounded quality that he aspires to above all, maintaining

that fans “like fun and then they also like something that they have

to think about.” He fully understands that the vast majority of the

Hip-Hop community is beginning to gravitate toward this style of music.

Unlike many artists today, he also

understands the importance of touring constantly and manually creating

the buzz surrounding his work. “I’m looking to bring the Pryslezz

experience to anyone that will have me. It’s pretty much imperative

that you do tours,” he explains. “You have to be out there with

the people and show your face.” Well aware that fans have come to

expect more interaction with their favorite artists in this digital

age, he appreciates the value of tailor-making his shows to suit the

audience. “I know different places where I go I can give the fans

what they want but still stay true to myself,” he says. “That’s

a wonderful thing and something I’ve learned through touring. You’ve

got to keep evolving!”

Despite displaying a maturity way beyond

his 24 years, Pryslezz’s story in truth has only just begun; multi-talented,

focused and extremely ambitious, he has an awful lot to offer Hip-Hop

as a culture. “The goal is to get bigger and better!” he exclaims.

He elaborates sincerely, “we want to touch the world and we’re going

to find a way to do it,” before joking in typical Pryslezz fashion,

“Everyday I wake up thinking of a master plan.” Considering that

he is only at the beginning of his musical journey, listeners can expect

his next album, which he is working on at present alongside a J Dilla

tribute album, to be more advanced still with a greater blend of sampling

and live instrumentation.

“I want to be the person that can

never be boxed in. I don’t want to be stuck to one genre of music;

I don’t want to be stuck to one vibe,” he explains. “I want to

go all the way across the board and mean something different to everybody.

I want to be able to touch every box and touch every mind. That’s

the kind of legacy I want to leave behind.” With a strong recognition

of his potential impact yet a sound awareness of his place within the

culture, not only as a musician but also as a poet and an author, this

talented young artist looks set to conquer the Hip-Hop world with the

power of his words. If the shots of Patrón don’t leave you leaning

sideways, then the impact of Pryslezz’s work surely will.

Pryslezz ft. N.O.X. and Jason Derulo - "Sideways"

Pryslezz ft. Dwele - "More Than A Love Song"

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