Pure Class: Chris Classic Talks Famous Family And His 20 16's For 2016 [VIDEO]

Chris Classic per Chris Classic

There are some people who profess to be classics and then there are those who are the genuine article which therefore makes them classic. Artist and creative extraordinaire Chris Classic is a prime example of the real deal.

Chris took a few minutes to explain to AHH what it was like being raised by one of the best dads that he knows...Hip Hop legend Rev Run!

And as it pertains to his ill rhyming skills, Classic explained what took him so long to show the world what he can do with a pen and a pad.

Says Chris,

"I was waiting for the perfect storm."

We're glad his hurricane full of rhymes finally made it to shore! Check out our discussion with Chris Classic!

Take a listen to a few of his 16's in the players below!

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