Q&A with Aaron McGruder, Creator of "The Boondocks"

Through nefarious and unscrupulous ways AllHipHop.com has hijacked an exclusive interview with Aaron McGruder from his own boondocksbootleg.com. McGruder rarely does interviews and this was the easiest way to obtain it so we got it. Don't ask how. This a partial interview for your reading pleasure. We're hoping to obtain a second part soon. Wish us luck!

BB: So thanks for sitting down with us. We’re pretty excited about this because

we know you don’t really like doing interviews anymore. What made you talk to

boondocks bootleg?

AM: It’s my website. So hopefully I can stop anything from going out that,

you know... Might start trouble.

BB: Maybe. But isn’t most of your career based on trouble?

AM: I don’t know. Some of it. But at a certain point I just decided I was a

private person and stopped doing press. I stopped doing interviews,

stopped doing lectures. It killed my book sales [laughs], not that those

were ever very good... but yeah, I prefer to speak through the work. There

isn’t any dignified way to be famous anymore.

BB: Okay. So you don’t mind if the show causes trouble.

AM: Yeah, that’s different. The Boondocks is always gonna cause a little

trouble I guess.

BB: Do you miss the comic strip and the ability to comment on the day to day

news, or is that what made you launch the new website.

AM: Well, to be honest, while I was writing the show I didn’t have time to do

anything else, so no I didn’t miss it at all. But when we launched the new

site it seemed like a natural kind of transition back to the kind of thing I

used to do with the strip... just without all the drawing and the deadlines

which is good. But it’s been fun. I don’t really run this site --

BB: Yes, I know.

AM: I’ve wanted to have a site like this for a long time... I just never

personally had the time to do it. I wish I had done this ten years ago and

stuck with it. So it seemed like with the show coming back it was a good

time to launch it.

BB: Oh yeah, that thing. Speaking of which, trailer looks great.

AM: You have to say that, you work for me.

BB: Yeah, but people seem to really like it. What are you thoughts on the season

3 so far? Is it finished?

AM: You know it’s not finished, you work here --

BB: Dude, it’s for the interview.

AM: Right, my bad. Okay.

BB: We’re pretending like I don’t know --

AM: No, I get it. Okay, so... No, the season’s not finished yet. I’ve seen a

maybe nine completed episodes.

BB: Okay, so I think what everyone wants to know is, what the fuck, why did it

take so long to come back?

AM: Yeah. Well... okay. The show is incredibly complicated to produce. Everyone kept saying the show was delayed, but I kept thinking, “no, we knew it was going to take this long. ” Part of the problem is me. The writing process takes nearly a year all by itself.

To Be Continued…