Quincey Tones: God's Gangster (Mixtape)

When Jay-Z released American Gangster, he couldn’t have predicted the impact it would have had on the game. Most producers and DJs have made a remix in Jay’s image, blending their own production and samples with his lyrics to create their version of A.G..

Few have taken it another direction, but London based producer Quincey Tones used the direct samples used on American Gangster and mixed them with 2002’s God’s Son to create God’s Gangster (Major Notes). Fans of the original “Roc Boys” swag fear not, this mixtape is more than worth a listen.

Quincey Tones really has a great ear for working on samples. No production sounds like the original manipulation, as he really stretches the samples creatively. The best example of this is “Hey Nas” where he uses the sample on “American Dreaming” in a different direction, grabbing the saxophone to dominate the track with its solos and bringing a slightly brighter Marvin crooning to lace the track.

“Mastermind” also comes to mind, as you wouldn’t believe that it’s “Say Hello.” The track as a whole comes off much lighter with the viola; featuring a better focus than the quiet rage that inhabits the latter.

This isn’t to say that this doesn’t maintain God's Son’s ferocity. “Get Down” takes a funkier yet frenzied look on “Success” and keeps the craziness of the original track. “The Cross,” using the sample from “Fallin’” sounds just as triumphant and defiant as the produced original. “Made You Look” which uses “American Gangster;” still sounds like a three minute MC tutorial on how to control the mic.

Quincey Tones not only manipulates the sounds, but he also retools the album by cutting “Thugs Mansion,” “Dance,” “Heaven,” and “Book of Rhymes” out of the scheme of things. He also reorders the album to give it a more conceptual feel. Some fans may be disappointed if those are their favorite tracks, but they don’t really fit, and are not missed.

The concepts mixed with the dynamic production work together to give God's Son a facelift it hasn’t seen since 9th Wonder’s God’s Stepson. This tape showcases Quincey Tones’ creativity to make magic given the same material. Take the time to get acquainted.

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