R&B Rewind: Jason Weaver - "Love Ambition (Call on Me)"

Song: “Love Ambition (Call on Me)”Year: 1995Album: Love AmbitionComposer: Keith CrouchWell it's Thursday y’all and it's time for an R&B Rewind. And this week, I seriously dug in the crates! Who did I elect to fill the slot? None other than…Jason Weaver! Some of you younger folks might recognize him from the hit flicks ATL and Drumline, and even the Chingy single “One Call Away,” but Jason’s days in the industry extend way beyond that.He was singed to Motown Records back in the day. The same label that picked up The Jackson 5, and back in the '90s the label was looking for a young singer with a similar sound to Michael Jackson and they stumbled upon Young Jason. The year was 1995, and he did his thing on the single “Love Ambition.” Not sure what it was about giving teenage boys adult songs to sing back then and even today, but this song was very “grown up” for Jason. If you listen to the lyrics, he talks about giving love from front to back, and feeling a girl up and down whose name he didn’t even know! I believe nowadays Jason resides down in Atlanta and focuses on his acting career. Be that as it may, I think Jason actually would have had a decent career as an R&B singer today. He’s got the voice and the look! Not sure what made him put his singing career on the back burner, after all he held his own in Chingy’s “One Call Away.” And if you ask me, he made the song. Hey Jason! The R&B game is damn near wide open. The ladies ain’t really feeling Usher as much as they used to and who else is left? Ne-Yo? I dare you to take a chance. I’m sure Koch Records wouldn’t mind having you on their roster! I’d cop the album.Anyway, recently in a separate editorial I talked about the increased crime level in Chicago and some of you blogged that I focused on the negatives going on in the city and not the positives that people know and love about the city. Well, take a look at the locations this video was filmed in; it displays a lot things people love about Chicago: Wrigley Field, walking along Lake Michigan, the old Michael Jordan Restaurant, and riding the Metra. Take that!Until next week y’all enjoy this week’s R&B Rewind – “Love Ambition”