R&B Rewind: Mista - "Blackberry Molasses"

Group: MistaSong: “Blackberry Molasses”Year: 1996Album: MistaProducers: Organized NoizeIt’s Wednesday y’all and it's time for an R&B Rewind! Yeah I took a small break last week, but I’m back, and this time I took a trip down memory lane and dug up the group Mista. Some of you youngins might not be familiar with Mista and that’s ok, but I’m sure you’re familiar with one of the group’s former lead singers. Today he goes by the name Bobby Valentino, and before his affiliation with Ludacris and DTP and before hits like “Slow Down” and “Mrs. Officer” – he was part of the group Mista. Hailing from ATL, the young boy band Mista grabbed the attention of many R&B fans with their debut hit “Blackberry Molasses” back in 1996. During that time, other boy bands like Boyz II Men, New Edition, Jodeci and Hi-Five had gained major success and Mista was quickly compared to them, but would only release one album and then disband. I personally consider Mista to be a one hit wonder, but they did have another single following “Blackberry Molasses”. Do you remember what it was? It was titled “Lady” and frankly I only know that it exists because of the research I did on the group. “Lady” was actually a decent joint and Bobby Valentino did his thing on the track. It was obvious then and it’s obvious now Bobby didn’t need a group to shine. And honestly, I’m glad he never gave up on music because his voice is truly a gem. Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.Until next week y’all enjoy this week’s R&B Rewind – “Blackberry Molasses”P.S. - As an added bonus, I’ve included it “Lady” along with “Blackberry Molasses” for your listening pleasure.BLACKBERRY MOLASSES:LADY: