R&B Rewind: Mya ft. Sisqo - "It's All About Me

Artist: Mya ft/ SisqoSong: “It’s All About Me”Year: 1998Album: It's All About MeProducer: Darryl "Day" PearsonHey everybody! It’s Wednesday and it's time for another R&B Rewind! Every week I am fortunate to get suggestions from many of you about which song to cover next. Let me say I appreciate all of your ideas, so please keep them coming! But anyway, let’s get to this week’s pick. She got her start back in 1998, with Dru Hill’s front man Sisqo. And this was at the height of Dru Hill’s career, so the fact that she was connected to Sisqo was a good look for her and sparked the attention of many R&B fans. This week’s pick takes me back to my college days, and it’s funny because in the city where I went to school, we didn’t have a major Urban Radio station. I learned all the new music from watching BET and MTV, buying CDs, reading Hip-Hop based magazines and working at the campus radio station. So when I heard “It’s All About Me” for the first time it was on BET and I’ll admit I frowned. I thought to myself, “Who is this skinny chick with Sisqo who thinks she can sing?” Well her name was Mya and even though I didn’t like her initially, over the years I would grow to appreciate her sound and her style.Many of you know Mya’s history. And recognize that in the last ten years she has excelled, but it just seems like not to her fullest potential. She’s got the full package. Mya can sing, dance, and act. And did I mention she’s bangin’? I think Mya caught a bad break along the way, and despite the rumors I’ve heard over the years, I am truly a fan and would like to see more from her. She’s done Broadway, won a Grammy, starred in a few films and dropped four albums. All of those are huge accomplishments, but I guess since she hasn’t made herself visible like a Mariah Carey, Beyonce, or Ashanti, it’s like she’s gone under the radar. Mya’s somewhat mysterious and I will say that’s one thing about her that separates her from the rest. She has a low profile. You might hear something about her, but you never really know what she’s up to! I know I often wonder, “What’s to Mya?” She really lives a private life, and I must say you can’t be mad at that. Some celebrities would kill to have the paparazzi absent from their daily routines. And speaking of albums, from what I’ve researched about Mya’s current work, she has a new album coming out next month that will be released exclusively in Japan titled Sugar and Spice. What’s the deal with that? If you know holla at me! Mya has a new single out right now called “Paradise” that’s featured on her new album written by Ne-Yo and as a bonus, I’ve added the video so we can take a look at Mya back in ‘98 and now in ‘08. She’s come a long way. Those thighs are way thicker now than they were back in the day!Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.Until next week y’all enjoy this week’s R&B Rewind – Mya ft/ Sisqo “All About Me”Mya ft/Sisqo – “It's All About Me”Mya – “Paradise”