R&B Rewind: Usher - "Can U Get Wit It"

What’s up everybody? Hope all is well. I know there are folks out there who love R&B just as much as I do. And you’ve loved it so long you can’t remember when you actually fell in love with it. I know when I listen to the radio or even scan through my CDs or iPod, it’s the R&B from the '80s and '90s that spark off nostalgia. It takes me back. Back in time when I was carefree. Some of us were in grade school, some of us in high school, and many of us remember this music from our college years. Well whatever moment in time these songs take you back to, I want you to revisit those moments; even if it’s just for a little while. We know that the radio isn’t very friendly to the New Jack Swing Era and even omits songs from the '90s, so I’m going to do you a favor and bring you an Old School R&B Rewind every week to help bring a smile to your face.First up! Artist: UsherSong: “Can U Get Wit It”Year: 1994Album:UsherProducer: DeVante Swing (from the group Jodeci)Usher 2008 is sooooo different from Usher 1994. He was 16 and wet behind the ears. Honestly, I remember this song better than I do the video, and when I pulled it up on YouTube I was bugging out. This song was way too mature for a 16 year old. But who can we blame for him singing such an adult song, Usher 2008 could sing today? – Diddy! He was still Puff Daddy then and had a much smaller bank account and ego. He used to manage Usher at the start of his career. The two even lived together. He produced several of the tracks for Usher’s first album, executive produced it, and starred in the video for “Can U Get Wit It.” Sound similar to what Diddy does today? YUP! Some things never change. Diddy was even trying to outshine his artists then. And if I’m not mistaken a few years back, Usher revealed in an interview that Diddy put him on to a lot things when he was his manager: the music industry, women, and weed. So much for Diddy being a father figure!But anyway, the video for this song is crazy. First of all it starts off with Diddy pulling up in a '64 Impala blasting Outkast’s “Player's Ball” honking the horn signaling to young Usher to ditch school instead of taking an exam that counted for half of his grade. Diddy then chauffeurs young Usher around Hollywood. The Timbs and the James Worth jersey. The leather in the desert. The box hair cut. The Doc Martin boots. Man this one takes me back. What were you doing when this song was a hit? I’d love to know. I was 17 and a senior in High School, you couldn’t tell me nothing when this song was out. I had just gotten my driver’s license and had this song on a mixtape a friend of mine had made for me. I used to ride around and blast it because it was a hit. That’s my moment, tell me yours.Until next time y’all enjoy this week’s R&B Rewind – Usher “Can U Get Wit It”Usher - Can U Get Wit It (1994)