R.I.P. Apache: In Photos

Flavor Unit, a crew from Jersey. Hard core, street, original and fresh as Jersey Tomatoes. Naughty By Nature, Latifah (Queen Latifah then), Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob G, Apache, Latee were the actual core.

Apache was probably the most raw and stunned everyone when his street credo became a hit. "Gangsta B**ch" is still used today in schools to define street poetry and how trans formative lyrics evolve from real experiences.

Apache and Almond Joy. Unlike many of the industry creations and fake gangstas produced by the labels today, everyone back then knew that Apache, Treach and Latifah would knock you the f*** out if you stepped to them and I bear witness to that reality.

"Gangsta B**ch" and "Who You Calling A B**ch" defined real life in the hood as good as, or better than anything before or since."

Peace, Ernie Paniccioli R.I.P. Anthony “Apache” Teaks