R.I.P. JUSTO: Hip-Hop Pays Its Respects

AllHipHop.com was

inundated with people that wanted to share their stories and feeling about Justo

Faison of The Mixtape Awards. Below is a listing of the condolences and comments

from a number of people in the music industry.

DJ Jazzy

Joyce (Hot 97): “I just saw Justo last Friday (May 6th). We stopped

and talked about a whole bunch of things in a short amount of time. Some of

the things we talked about was family and life and how we have matured and come

a long way in this business. We talked about his son and the fact that he decided

to do the laser surgery, and how he threw away all of his old glasses. I am

happy because the last time we spoke was so pleasant and we made peace with

each other. I am also very sad because that is the last time I will get to hug

him or talk to him every again. May he rest in peace.”

DJ Kay

Slay: “Justo was like a brother to me. At one time he helped

manage me for free. Justo was the only person we had standing up for the DJ's

from the heart and he will be missed."

DJ Kid

Capri: “He was the only one that stood up for DJ’s when

nobody took the thought. He always asked my advice and respected me. As well,

I have a lot of respect for him. The DJ game has suffered a great lost.”


Garcia: "Just-O and I met in ‘90 when he was doing college

radio at tiny Cayuga College in upstate New York. I worked at Def Jam, and he

was ecstatic that I recognized his show enough to send promo records. In ‘90-’91

he interned for me. We had a good bond because not only were we both Hip-Hop

heads, we both shared the experience of playing ball in the hallowed Holcombe

Rucker Memorial League as teenagers. Not many people in the industry knew that

side of O. He gained weight as he got older and stopped playing that I know

of, but he was a decent ballplayer in his day and was known to talk s**t (to

me at least) and always be up for a game of H.O.R.S.E. Just-O was good peoples.

He will be missed. Mad love to his memory, and positive energy to his family."

DJ Vlad:

“In 2004 I won a Mixtape of the Year Award. This was an incredible feeling.

But my greatest Hip-Hop moment was being nominated for a Mixtape Award in 2003,

where I sat at Justo's event at the Manhattan Center alongside legends like

Kid Capri and Redman. At the moment, I went from being a Hip-Hop fan to feeling

like I was part of the Hip-Hop movement - my greatest award ever. I owe all

that to Justo.”

DJ Kurupt:

“Justo was a very good friend of mine, and for every DJ in the game this

was a man who didn't just side for one DJ but all of them. He respected the

game for what it was and me as a DJ- I appreciated it. He will be missed.”

DJ L-Gee

(Bumsquad Djz/ Hood DJ’s): "I met him when he was working

at Atlantic Records back in the day. He was a cool dude. He would invite me

to parties and events even though I was under age. He's done so much for DJ's

over the years. He will be missed."

Lord Sear

(Sirius): “Justo was real good peoples. I met him way back in

the WKCR 89 Tec 9 days with Stretch & Bobbito when he was working at Flavor

Unit Records. The brother was always very down to earth when you got a chance

to talk to him, he was a very good, positive roll model to a lot of mixtape

DJ's. I was so proud of the brother, because he came a long way.”

DJ Lazy K (Murda

Mamis): “Justo was one of the realest dudes in the game. He took the mixtape

game to another level. We will keep his legacy alive.”

DJ Chela

(WXDU/Bumsquad DJz): “Justo was gold. He was just getting to

a point where his awards and business were really taking off. I know there is

nobody else like him and nobody that can fill his place, but I want to see his

legacy live on. I know he is still with us and it is up to us to keep his legacy

alive. I love you and miss you!”

DJ Semtex

(UK/ BBC): “I met him a few years ago, he was cool. He was one

of the few people in the industry that knew the true value of the DJ, and worked

to help elevate the art form. It’s sad that he had to leave us in such

a tragic way.”

Phat Phillie

(Blackout Radio, Croatia): “As a young buck trying to come up

in the radio game here in Europe, I was going back and fourth to New York in

the mid to late 90's. I remember seeing Justo at Gee Street, he would always

lace a brother with tons of s**t and always gave me an important advice about

being persistent and believe in what u do.”

DJ Warrior

(Cali Untouchable DJ‘s): “We all hung out in party in Hollywood

and I was like ‘Yo, lets get a drink’ and he was like ‘Yo,

I don’t drink at all.” And I asked him why. He said cause his pops

died cause of that. And same goes for me, my pops is an alcoholic and ever since

then I really opened my eyes about a lot different things. So I cut down on,

grabbin’ drinks. Also besides that we spoke on a lot of spiritual stuff.

We pray for him (Cali Untouchable DJ‘s). Wherever he as at, he as at a

better place than this cold earth.”

DJ Mick

Boogie (Cleveland): "As a DJ striving to excel in the mixtape

world, it is extremely disheartening to lose someone who truly elevated and

legitimized the art form. He will be missed."

Chris Landry

(Sure Shot Recordings): “I remember at Franchise with Funk Flex

promoters would come through with records but Justo would come up and buy food

for all the street team. Not just Flex. For everyone. He was the only promoter

to do that. I’ll never forget that love.”

1st Lady EL

(CEO, Murda Mamis): “Justo Was a great dude, we are in total shock.

Our hearts go out to his family, gone but never forgotten.”

DJ Dub

(WQHH 96.5/Music Choice): "Justo was one of the best things that

ever happened to mixtapes, giving mixtape DJ’s a sense of pride with the

awards when RIAA wanted to shut us down. He helped give DJ’s and artists

an opportunity to network. I will miss the man who always wanted me to keep


DJ Clinton

Sparks (Sirius): “I don't believe this. I was on the phone with

him for an hour as he was driving to Virginia, and I was with him for the day

a week or so ago buggin’ out. I am beside myself.”

DJ Clue

(MTV/ Hot 97): “My condolences to him and his family.”