Raekwon and Mike Bigga: Real Hip-Hop Talk

AllHipHop Staff

“We need a Hip-Hop House of Representatives,” Raekwon said backstage as

he prepared to hit the stage with the other panelists. “If we are going

to mold and shape this industry and what it is and what hip-hop has

done to us, we have to have brothers such as my brother right here,

Mike, myself. We love Hip-Hop before anything, but knowledge is so

important. These kids is confused and we are care about them…I feel

like it‘s my duty to be that voice on all levels. ”

Last month, AllHipHop.com hosted the 6th Annual Social Lounge panel discussion in Newark, New Jersey at the NJPAC Center.

The evening featured top rappers like Raekwon the Chef, Mike Bigga and Immortal Technique alongside activists Rosa Clemente and Ras Baraka, who debated a number of issues.

Hundreds of students, teachers and community leaders gathered to hear the panelists engage in a lively discussion during the evening, which was hosted by AllHipHop.com’s co-CEO, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. 

Below are clips from Rae, Mike and the event.

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Hip-Hop was just one of the topics, as each panelist was well versed on current events that effect the country, including wars the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to the issue of health care debate that is currently raging in North America.

“He [Barack Obama] has allowed y’all to believe that they [Democrats] could cure your health care problems,” Mike Bigga stated. “What I am tired of seeing is us cutting a break, because he’s our color.”

While Rosa Clemente agreed with Mike Bigga on some aspects about health care in the U.S., she disagreed with him on the people’s expectations from the first African-American president.

“Health care is not privilege, it’s a human right,” former Presidential VP nominee Rosa Clemente [Green Party] said. “These lies are leading to over 60,000 Americans dying from lack health insurance every year. Even the swine flu vaccination is discriminatory. Less black and Latino kids are getting it because the swine flu H1N1 is not getting to Urban communities. I don’t think he [Barack Obama} made all those promises. I think people think that once he got into office he said ‘reparations, Puerto Rico’s gonna be free.’ To me he was the most honest democratic that ever happened.”

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The 6th Annual Social Lounge featured a headlining performance by Blitz The Ambassador, who treated the audience with a variety of musical styles, backed by an 8-piece band.

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