Raekwon Presents...Ice Water: Polluted Water

As time ticks by and we enter 2007’s home stretch, Wu fans are still awaiting the impending releases of the Clan’s 8 Diagrams (rumored to drop sometime in late ’07 or early ’08) and Raekwon’s highly anticipated Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, which apparently is already completed and currently collecting dust at the offices of Aftermath Entertainment awaiting a release date. (For some insight into that situation, check AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with the Chef himself). In the meantime, to satiate the thirst of Wu-heads worldwide Raekwon The Chef has put out a new album, Polluted Water (Babygrande), which introduces us to his crew Ice Water whom Raekwon pushes into the spotlight for the first time. Unfortunately, while this release does feature special guests such as Busta Rhymes and Three Six Mafia as well as production by Scram Jones and some fire rhymes courtesy of Rae himself; it fails to bring the same bang for your buck expected from a release stamped with the Wu Tang seal of approval. Album opener “Animal” features a grimy New York styled, menacing beat and acts as an introduction to the members who make up Icewater; Polite, Stomach, P.C. and D.C. A regular fan of Staten Island’s finest might be a little taken back at the simplicity of the rhymes that kick this album off, “…they say I’m wildin’/Plus I’m from the island/Something like Gilligan.” It’s clear right off the bat that this is not going to be the second coming of 36 Chambers, but there is promise.The album starts moving in the right direction with “Do It Big” featuring Raekwon and Busta Rhymes trading verses with members of Icewater where they explain that the hustle they’re involved with on an everyday basis is not one of choice but one of necessity and survival. The soulful and somber beat is reminiscent of a cut off of 2005’s brilliant collab-filled album Wu Tang Meets The Indie Culture.The album follows an almost hit/miss formula both in actual tracks as well as Raekwon’s experimentation. For example, on “I’m A Boss” where Rae teams up with Rick Ross, he sounds out of place on the Southern flavoured club track. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s hard to picture Raekwon popping bottles at the club. A more reassuring image is Rae on the corner, in the middle of a cipher spitting darts. He does however sound especially tight with his Icewater soldiers and Three Six Mafia on album highlight “Let’s Get It”. Rae kills his verse over the Sergio Leone-style Spaghetti Western beat, as he closes the track off with, “Wu Tang’s foulest/Icewater’s wildest/Three Six Mafia/Big Papi with the chalice”While Polluted Water, does allow us to hear some up and comers within the Wu dynasty it is evident that the Chef needs to add a little more seasoning before Icewater is ready to fully meet their potential as strong additions to the Wu’s satellite family. However, what this album does is remind us that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II is currently sitting on a shelf, when it should be bumping out of stereos worldwide. Instead, we’ll have to wait for that fine meal with this appetizer.SOUNDCHECKIce Water f/ Raekwon & Busta Rhymes “Do It Big”Ice Water f/ Raekwon & Three 6 Mafia “Let’s Get It”