Rakim @ Studio B. (New York, NY)

Hip-Hop was felt in its truest form this past weekend at The Bridge Live held at Studio B in Green Point, Brooklyn. This is a recurring event hosted by Ralph McDaniels of the influential Video Music Box show. Special guests included the legendary DJ Lovebug Starski, Chuck D of Public Enemy and headliner, Rakim.

To build up the anticipation, the crowd watched videos and listened to music spun by Lovebug Starski before the actual show. While enjoying the vibe of the atmosphere, break-dancers entertained everyone by battling it out in front of the stage.

Three underground MC’s kept the crowd hype before the main acts came on. Originally from Ghana, Blitz The Ambassador performed a quick three songs while newcomer Boom B followed up. The third and final opening act was Consequence. The protégé of Kanye West performed songs from his album Don’t Quit Your Day Job to a favorable reaction. 

Once all the openers were done Chuck D came out and did his thing; opening with Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down” making the crowd go wild with enthusiasm. After performing for a few minutes it was time for the main act.

Rakim hit the stage and opened strongly with “It’s Been a Long Time,” followed by “My Melody,” “I Know You Got Soul” and “Microphone Fiend.” He also included a couple songs for the ladies as he put “Mahogany,” and his collaboration with Eric B. “What’s On Your Mind?” into the mix. It wasn’t until “Paid In Full” when the fans were completely open. The R wrapped up the show with a couple more classics including “Make ‘Em Clap” leaving the crowd wanting more. The show was definitely not one to be missed from start to finish. It was like being back in the golden age of Hip-Hop when the artists came with real lyrics and filled the crowd’s appetite with a healthy dose of good music.