Rapper Pariis Noel Talks Recording with RocNation's Rel Carter

Detroit artist, Pariis Noel, is on the radar for “who’s got next,” as an up and coming rapper in the city.

By: Kristina Mitchell (itskrissyyy_)

From partaking in an indie music tour with Roc Nation’s A&R, Rel Carter, to rubbing elbows with well respected industry execs, Pariis humbly takes these experiences to work even harder, only to get stronger.

On his new single “Dear Dad,” Pariis reflects on his childhood, and writes an open letter to all the fathers out there who may have been absent, or unsupportive.

We got a chance to sit down and ask the busy rapper a few questions about what’s next, and what we should look out for.

AllHipHop: Prior to completing this single, what have you been working on?

Pariis Noel: I just finished up a compilation album with Rel Carter, a Roc Nation A&R. The album, “No Handouts”, features handpicked artists from the Rel Carter Culture Tour. Some I’ve had encounters with, some I haven’t. We all just got in the studio and just started working. One thing lead to another, and it just showcased from there. This really put us to the test to see if we can work under pressure. We didn’t have any wording of beats or anything like that. No concepts, ideas or anything. We just all vibed in the studios and made some magic. Fresh new sound, fresh new faces, fresh new voices.

AllHipHop: What were the challenges during this process?*

Pariis Noel: The time frame. Time was never on our side. The short time span we had to come up with an album, with artists from 15 different cities. We only had 3 days to get the album together. The first night we crammed it...rappers and singers.

AllHipHop: With your new single, “Dear Dad,” is it focused on resentment or appreciation? What message are your trying to get across?

Pariis Noel: That’s a good question. I’m not gonna say either or, but I’ll say it’s a little bit of both. It’s not really about me, but it’s about father’s world wide, because, I took a vision where I’m showing a series of events that could be prevented by fathers being in their children's lives. It’s also directed towards the mothers that feel that it was a bad relationship. So at this point the mom may want to take the child away from their dad...he’s a good dad but at the same time, it’s not a reason for separation because of the relationship didn’t work. Then the child starts acting out of character because of the missing father figure.

The little boy in the video is at a lost, as he goes through different phases and experiences. He could be a younger version of me, or you could view him as a beta of the kids world wide. Kids now days do a lot of stuff that’s out of attention, and this video reflects that.