Rapper Remy Ma on Her First Night Out Of Jail


Rapper and star of Love & Hip Hop New York Remy Ma hinted at a Christmas release date for her new album, Plata o Plomo, on a recent episode of TV Talk show “The Real” with hosts Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon.

by AHH Staff

Remy candidly remembered her first night out of jail and how she hadn’t even heard of Snapchat or Instagram.

During the show, the “Cookin’” rapper channels her alter ego, “Remy Ma-rtha Stewart” and shares D-I-Y tips for the fall.

Loni Love: Once you were released, how long did it take for you to get back into the studio?

Remy Ma: I went to the studio literally like an hour after I was home.

Adrienne Bailon: What?

Remy: Yeah, I went home. I took a shower. I changed my clothes and I went right to the studio. I was in there with DJ Khaled.

Jeannie Mai: Had to get it out of you.

Remy: I was like, I don’t want to have that time period where I’m adjusting [uses air quotes.] I’m going right now and I went that day. We made the remix to his song and it was great.

Loni: How was it getting back into the studio?

Remy: It was a little bit different because I put on the headphones. As ya’ll see, I have like this female Barry White thing going on. As I get older, my voice gets deeper. So when I first listened to it, I was like “Oh my God. Why do I sound like this?” It was just so… such a different sound. I had all this depth and richness like sounding like I smoke cigarettes all day. When I heard the finished one, I was like, “Oh, I kind of sound a little bit more gangster.” It was cool, but it was just the first time going in, I’m like “Okay, well what is everyone else going to say? Are they going to hate it? Are they going to not like it?” But the response was everything that I could ask for.

Loni: And you know DJ Khaled is always on Snapchat. Did he Snapchat?

Remy: DJ Khaled snapchats you on site. Like he will snapchat before he says, “hello.” He walk up to you with the camera like this [acts like she is holding phone.] So I didn’t know what Snapchat was. I didn’t know what Instagram was. I didn’t know what Twitter was. None of these things existed prior to me then. I had a iPhone and I was sitting there like, [imitates pushing buttons on phone.] “Can I just get a phone with buttons?” It was crazy!