Rapper Signature From Black Ink Crew Talks Fights And Get Back To Spitting Raps

Signature captured the minds of thousands a fight on "Black Ink Crew New York," but now its back to the business of rap.

(AllHipHop Features) When AllHipHop last talked to Signature aka Sig Da Trig, the was a young neophyte raging against an industry that perpetually keeps talented people under glass ceilings. But, she was hitting the streets dropping freestyle after freestyle and impressing all those that she met with her clever wordplay and exceptional lyricism. Now, we are in the year 2018. Like a true hustler, Signature has managed to make moves forward in nontraditional as well as traditional ways. This interview is a direct result of seeing that the New York native was in a vicious fracas on popular reality show "Black Ink Crew New York." Well, we got Siggy to talk about this and much more.

Signature has moved on, even if the fight was just a little over a month ago. Sig has leaped back into the booth and dropped a few radio friendly song as well as some freestyles. Back to business. Check out this friendly conversation between Sig Da Trig and AllHipHop's Chuck Creekmur and get to know the uptown spitter once again

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Shes dope.. Get it #Sis #Salute