Ray-J Hopes To Be Mayor, Comments On Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Ray-J has been many things during the various phases of his career and life. These days, the R&B star is part singer and part reality star with his new show with sister Brandy. But, Ray-J revealed that later in his evolution he would like to be mayor of Carson, California, the city in which he was reared.

AllHipHop.com: Last time I saw you was at a mansion party and political rally for Kevin Powell. It was you, Brandy and Steve Rifkind. Do you have any aspirations outside of music and TV that you may want to do, like and community based functions?

Ray J: I'ma be the mayor of Carson. The mayor of Carson, California. Not now. I still got a lot of learning to do. Focusing and a lot of reaching back out to the community, and paying my dues. But in the future coming around the stretch you know, I do see myself doing stuff like that.

AllHipHop.com: Oh yeah? What makes you aspire for that?

Ray J: I mean I'm from Carson and I see the struggles that we going through in the community and I know what I can do and I know what kinda help I can be to that community. Not just with the press and just everybody coming along and coming onto the ride. But what I would do is show young African American youth or just young kids in general to go and aspire to be a mayor or go aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer. Because this Hip-Hop shit and this music industry has got alotta people clouded. And they think that's the only way to go. Or to put out a sex tape to be successful. That s**t is wack. You gotta go out and use your true talent and read and learn and if I can inspire that throughout everything I been through then let me be a reason. Let me be the cause. Let me be the answer, to everybody's questions you know what i mean? All in the future man. That's just all future thoughts.

AllHipHop.com: Question: Why is there so much emphasis on rapping, and singing and sports even in the community?

Ray J: I mean you got people making hundreds of millions of dollars. Having fun. Who wouldn't wanna follow in that footstep? You know what I mean? You got other jobs where you gotta read and learn and do essays and really put the time in, which I respect that. And I would say go for that. But if you got real true talent in the music industry go for that too. You know? But everything is work. Everything is hard work. Everything is blood sweat and tears so. Whether you get in the music industry or be a lawyer. it's gonna be a rude awakening no matter where you go. 

AllHipHop.com: Right right. Do you regret the sex tape?

Ray J: I dont regret nothing that I ever did. I just learn from the things I've done. And I know how to grow from it. And use anything negative that happened in my life and turn that into a positive. That's my only goals and wishes as a man but as far as taking s**t back, I don't regret nothing. I'm good.