Ray J, WTF Were You Thinking?!

The views expressed in this column are not the views expressed by AllHipHop.com.Hey everybody! Hope all is well. This week I received an mp3 from my editor. It was from Ray J called “Snake in the Grass.” When I played it, I was stopped dead in my tracks. My initial thought was, “If I see Ray J in the streets, I’m gonna slap the sh*t out him for doing such a horrible song.” I have been a fan of music, all kinds of music, since I was a child. And I have heard some songs that were full of misogyny, but I never expected to hear something from Ray J that was so disrespectful, appalling, sexist, degrading and flat out foul. Ok Ok, back in '94 when Dr. Dre dropped The Chronic, the track “B*tches Ain’t Shit But Hoes and Tricks” was jaw dropping and even in 2006 R Kelly’s “Real Talk” off his Double Up album was another shocker. But as for “Snake in the Grass,” all I can say is OMFG.The lyrics of this song are unbelievable. Ray J says things like, “Make sure it’s not your bloody week, you slut,” “Now that a n*gga rich all the b*tches wanna f**k,” “A lot of nasty hoes give it up, but I met this young girl who was chillin’ in the cut she told me to meet her at 3 o’clock to meet her at the Pizza Hut and she was real freaky told me to do it in her butt, so I did it in her butt butt right in the back of the pizza hut hut I’m a freak that’s why I don’t give a f**k. F**k I’ll beat it up until I bust a nut nut cause I don’t give a f**k.” And the hook on the song is “B*tch I don’t give a f**k, N***a I don’t give a f**k. Sh*t I beat up until I bust a nut.” Are you kidding me! Really Ray J…Why? Why? Why? And the irony behind hearing this song is a pal of mine who’s had the DVD of Ray J and Kim Kardashian for sometime asked me last week if I had seen it. I told her, put the bullsh*t on that I’ve heard so much about for so long. After viewing it for a few minutes, I wasn’t all that impressed. And for the record, I think the fellas bug out over Kim because she’s hot and they’ve seen how she gets down, but for the record I’ve seen and done better. But anyway, does the rise in stock of Ray J’s celebrity based on his performance in that tape make him think that he can just wild out now? WTF? Does you mom know that you’ve have a song like this Ray J? Does she? Because I think if she knew you did, she’d slap the sh*t out of you. At least I’d hope she would. And Brandy, you need to check your brother. Yeah he’s grown, but a song like this shows his immature side and lack of respect for women.All I can say is wow. Wow! Ray J you should be ashamed of yourself, but then again women have let men get away with disrespecting us like this in music and overall for way too long. When will this bulls*t end? Ray J how would you feel if one day you had a daughter and a man talked to her the way you conducted yourself in this song? I don’t think you’d like it. You’d demand respect for your daughter. So the next time you decided to write a song like this and then attempt to sing/rap it, don’t! It’s Sunday and I’m all worked up about this song. “Snake in The Grass” is actually too X-Rated for a day like today, but I couldn’t hold back. I had to let you all know about this mess. How do you feel about it? How do you all look at Ray J now? Let me know. I know I look at him totally different. I’m sure a lot of you will have a lot to say. Don’t hold back!Until next week! I’ll holla.Snakes in the Grass - Ray J