Raz-B: Break Up To Make Up

One year ago, B2K was arguably R&B’s hottest ticket. Countless interviews, endless television appearances, and various marketing schemes combined to make the quartet immortal amongst their legions of fans worldwide. No one, including B2K themselves, could possibly foresee that this would come to an end.

Sighting creative differences, disillusionment with management, and an urging to take on solo projects, B2K went from hot to not seemingly overnight. Although fans are still loyal and carry the flag of B2K months after their highly publicized break-up, many wonder if the group can ever be resurrected.

According to former member Raz-B, it can (and will) happen sooner than most people think. He believes God is the sole reason the group was put together, and with that attitude firmly in place, it will only be a matter of time before the group will return. In a candid interview with Allhiphop.com Alternatives, he discusses their imminent return and the many projects he has placed his stamp of approval on.

Allhiphop.com Alternatives: You have a clothing line coming out. Can you tell us anything about it?

Raz-B: I got a clothing line coming out called MonteMariance. The line is real different; it’s not like the average sweat suit type of thing. If anybody saw the Soul Train Awards or saw the shirts we were wearing with the little button patches on it, that’s one of the first shirts coming out. Look out for that maybe later this year, early next year.

AHHA: Last time we spoke you said that you were going to move to China. Is that still going to happen?

Raz-B: Yeah, I might actually have to move there because of the success I’m having over there right now. I’m actually going to be the Youth Ambassador for China. I’m also performing on the Great Wall of China in September. They’ve already got Microsoft as a sponsor, Clear Channel Corporate as a sponsor, American Express, and Coca-Cola. It’s huge, so look out for that real soon

AHHA: Are you in a position to tell us about your record label?

Raz-B: RazBeatz Entertainment is definitely up and running. We’ve been in the studio, and we’ve just cut a record with 3LW that I produced. It’s real hot and real controversial. The album will be out this summer. It has that Timbaland joint on there, called “Shake That.” We are getting ready to shoot the video for it. We are also getting ready to shoot the video for the B2K-3LW record and the video for the “Boyz For Life” remix that I went back in the studio and remixed for the fans.

AHHA: Word has it that you are about to put out a gospel CD as well. Can you speak on that for a moment?

Raz-B: I am doing a gospel album, and it probably won’t come out for about another year or so. I want to take my time on this album due to the message that I have to put out there. I have to put an indirect message out there. Since the world is materialistic, as powerful as these Jews are, as powerful as these companies are, and all these billions of dollars they got, they could not keep the movie “The Passion of the Christ” from coming out. Why? Because it’s the Lord’s will! So, I’m going to be talking about positive and negative stuff. I’ve been spiritual my whole life. I recommend that everybody go read five minutes of the Bible, and I guarantee you’re going to like everything that you read. You’re going to read more and you’re going to continue to read more, because all the information is right there from marriage to everything.

AHHA: What is your opinion of the music business as a whole right now?

Raz-B: Honestly, it’s corrupt. It’s a mess. That’s why God has been giving me so much knowledge to be able to maneuver around the system that I’m caught in, as far as being able to release my records, and give my records away and have my fans support it. I just think the record business is negative, a demonic business. I don’t recommend it to anybody.

AHHA: Have you and B2K discussed bringing the group back together?

Raz-B: Yeah, we have actually had a meeting and have been talking, but there is still a roadblock. I was sitting back, listening to these radio interviews, and I was saying we are sorry about the group. I’ve been trying to orchestrate this and put the group back together, but I had to go public. I can’t do it by myself; it’s a team effort. You helped me build B2K, so I need your help on building it back up. If the fans put enough pressure into the “Boyz For Life” song and video, it’s going to put a big demand on B2K. The power relies on the fans.

AHHA: You also have a foundation in the works. Get into that as much as you can.

Raz-B: I just applied for it about four weeks ago. It’s called “The RazBeatz Foundation.” It’s a universal foundation willing to do anything to help anything that’s needed. I want everybody to write letters when it’s all set up. It will be attached to my website, www.razbeatz.com. We’re going to try and meet as many as possible, from kids around the world just trying to make a change and just having people around the world signed up. I will be doing other things with other foundations, such as Make-A-Wish, and different things.

AHHA: Lastly, what do you have planned for the future?

Raz-B: Definitely completing this record and getting it out this summer. Kicking off a tour with me, Ray-J, 3LW, 4-Deep, a new artist by the name of K-Young, and also putting the group back together. We will be back together in the next three or four months with the help of the fans. That’s what’s up right now.

Tiffany-Ann Tilley is the 15-year-old stepdaughter of Allhiphop.com Senior Writer Damainion Ewell. This is her first story for AllHipHop.com