Really Doe's 10 Man Commandments

Equally comedic with a vivid personality

comparable to his Chicago counterparts like Kanye West and Rhymefest, we introduce "Really Doe's 10 Ten Men Commandments!" Get familiar with Really Doe!


emerging artists woudlnt pass of the chance to be co-signed by Kanye West as the

"Hottest Coming" in the game, but thats not the case for Chicago rapper Really

Doe. A

veteran in the business, Really Doe was the former member of the infamous trio “Go Getters” alongside Kanye West and GLC in the mid 1990's..

Within the last five years Really Doe has maintained as a performer on four Kanye West tours and

appeared on the Grammy Award winning album “Late Registration” for the track “We

Major” with legendary emcee Nas and Kanye West.


to be the next “big thing” in 2009, Really Doe has already been tapped to

headline Jimmy Kimmel on the Shrine Music stage in mid October.

The debut album “First

Impressions” originally debuted on ITunes at #6 on the hip-hop

charts with the first single “Mesmerized” in heavy rotation on BET Network.


captured the revered "Artist of the

Week" spot for ITUNES this past week, and he co-headlined the

30000+ "La Revolucion" tour this past weekend in LA. Really Doe's debut

album "First Impressions" is available NOW on Itunes and Best Buy locations


Really Doe's 10 Man Commandments 1.) Grown man should never text

another man "K" meaning ok

2.) Man should never wiggle on there

back to put on pants

3.) Grown man should not share

popcorn at the movies

4.) Men should not order happy


5.) Men should not hold

conversations naked in locker rooms

6.) Never buy jewelry from the back

of the source

7.) Never let anyone shoot down your


8.) Men should be punished for not

taking care of there kids

9.) Men should never pop


10.) If a man falls in love

with a slut you should always relocate her to a new surrounding (meaning the