Redman: The Funk Doc Rocks Atlanta

Quick, name the most consistent MC of the 90’s. Giants like Nas, Jay-Z, and Scarface might first come to mind, but you’d be as equally accurate in giving that distinction to Brick City lyricist Reggie Noble. Throughout that decade, the Funk Doc not only gave the Hip-Hop world classics like Whut? Thee Album and Muddy Waters, but also laid the blueprint for comical albeit highly technically skilled successors in Eminem and Ludacris.

And now well into the new millennium, Redman has not lost a step, as evidenced by a rare and free post 1AM appearance at The Loft in Atlanta. The event was sponsored by Scion, as part of their popular concert series pairing a Hip-Hop legend with a band for live renditions from the MC’s discography.

The Funk Doc had no issues with the improvisational nature of live instrumentation music, as he ripped through melody heaving tracks like “How To Roll A Blunt” and “Tonight’s Da Night.” After an obligatory rant railing against mainstream Hip-Hop, Red went into several rapid-fire, Bone-esque freestyles that awed the crowd. Showing exceptional crowd control, Redman would feign quitting after each sixteen bars; admonishing the crowd that they “weren’t ready” as they clamored for another dose of Reggie’s high-powered cosmic slop.

Later hits from Red’s catalogue were also represented, with the Newark MC showcasing the tongue-in-cheek “I’ll Bee Dat” and the wild-out anthem “Da Goodness.” The former had the audience at their raunchy best as Red led call and response chants of “f*** you Redman,” while the latter track found new life through the band’s rollicking guitar phrasings of the sample.

Unfortunately, the limitations of the band prevented Redman from performing some of the more creative outputs from his catalogue such as “Can’t Wait,” “Rockafella,” and the “Sooperman Luva” series.

“Nah, that Dare Iz A Darkside is too wild for these n****s,” Redman joked to fans calling for songs from his sophomore psychedelic trip. “You’ll have the band up here f***ing up all night!”

Despite this, Redman could do no wrong among this smart crowd. Ending with his verse from the Def Squad “Rapper’s Delight,” Reggie Noble once again displayed that he’s not only Jersey’s greatest MC, but also one of the best in Hip-Hop history.


"How To Roll A Blunt"


"Tonite's Da Night"