REVIEW: Boosie - Touch Down 2 Cause Hell

Article by Andrew "DaBoyAG" Barnett 

Boosie’s new album has finally touched down, and this one scored big time. After getting mixed reviews to his first release after being freed from prison, “Life After Death Row,” Boosie has delivered to the highest extent. Critics feared that he had lost some of his edge due to a much less aggressive Boosie on Life After Death Row. Well there is no fear of that AT ALL on Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. This is the Boosie that everyone loves. Raw lyrics, true emotion, substance, aggressive delivery; It’s all there.

The album starts off with Boosie SNAPPING. You can tell he’s back in raw form from the jump. Boosie has never been a super lyrical guy, but his rapping style is so in your face that it can not be denied. All of his words hit HARD, and his delivery is just fiery. This same style continued throughout the album. If you’re familiar with Boosie, then you know that his lyrics are vivid and true to what he’s going though in life. Both of those traits are shown heavily on this album but especially on “Window Of My Eyes.” His raw and uncut lyrics are delivered with that same fire that we’re used to from the old Boosie. Everything he says is done in such an honest manner that you can’t help but feel it.

His subject matter and content is still as real as ever, On “Hip Hop Hooray,” he raps about Rappers portraying fake lifestyles in their music. On “Black Heaven” he raps about the African American legends that have passed away, and on “Hands Up” he raps about the police violence incidents in America. He has a lot of features on the album but every feature blends in perfectly with each song. Boosie plays off of all of his features, never a feeling of him being outshined. “Black Heaven” features 2 Coles, Keyshia and Jermaine(J. Cole). Cole’s verse is done in singing form, but it is still as effective as if he would have rapped it.

The production compliments Boosie as well as his old production did. Actually this is one of Boosie’s best produced projects. Songs like “Drop Top Music” and “On That Level” give us that Louisiana production that Boosie likes to rap over. Other songs like “On Deck” and “Retaliation” gives us that aggressive production that comes along with an aggressive Boosie in killer mode. “Mercy On My Soul” and “Black Heaven” have airy beats that give us more of an introspective vibe accompanied by Boosie’s thought provoking lyrics.

If you’re a Boosie fan, this album will be your favorite album of the year period. If you have never really been a fan of Boosie, this album should make you respect what he brings to to hip hop and why he is so loved by the southern region of the United States. Boosie is a one of a kind talent, and Touchdown 2 Cause Hell gives us exactly what we’ve wanted from Boosie. A very good album for a great listening experience.

Lyrics: 8.5/10
Production: 8/10
Cohesiveness: 8/10
Replay Value: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Standout tracks: “Window Of My Soul,” “Retaliation,” “Black Heaven,” “Kicking Clouds”