Review: DJ Skee's Live Musical: Skeetox

On Friday (April 2) DJ Skee and his new live musical show, Skeetox, turned Hollywood hot spot Vanguard nightclub, into DJ rehab as he changed the game for the live DJ show. DJ Skee morphed into a hip-hop Leonard Bernstein as he conducted a live 7-piece band featuring legendary guitarist Wagner Fulco (Sting, Elton John, Ricky Martin) and electrified party-goers with a live LED light show as the backdrop. It was as if each record was it's own live performance as DJ Skee spun, conducted and ripped the stage with live vocals and live instruments as he dj'd his arraignment of what was described as Pink Floyd, meets Nicki Minaj, meets Lady Gaga. DJ Skee explained how the idea of Skeetox come to be. “I had this idea because I just felt like the dj stage show was kind of boring and underwhelming so I wanted to do something dope and take a twist and obviously people have done different types of DJ shows but nobody has ever done anything quite like this so tonight we just got together a dream team with some of the dopest musicians and got together at Wavaflow Studios which is my favorite studio to work at in LA, and we rehearsed for six months and your going to see the results tonight.” The Brazilian born producer/engineer and guitarist Wagner Fulco is notably known for working with some of the biggest names in rock, but was excited for the opportunity to create something new with Skee. People actually think I'm out of the Hip-hop loop because I'm a guitarist and Hip-hop isn't known to have much guitar influence, but thats not true and we're here to show everyone differently tonight.” explains Fulco. The artists performance part of the show started in true rock star fashion as newest Kovict music signee, Ya Boy took the stage to perform his monster hit “We Run LA” followed by the unassuming pop star Mike Posner who showed the crowd why he's cooler than the average singer. Skee took the show back and it was literally like the crowd was club hopping from Miami to Milan as the music touched every genre and region and had the pulse of the club beating for more and just when you think it just can't get any better what happens? Snoooooop Dogggg! The Doggfather hit the stage and set it off with I Wanna Rock and the crowd went ballistic. As if that didn't make it west coast official enough, X to tha Z, Xzibit jumps on the stage and performs “b***h Please”. The night ended on a resounding high note as Snoop rocked out two more classics with the band and left the crowd Skeetoxified. Others who came out to show support for DJ Skee included celebrated producers Jellyroll and Scoop-Deville, Rapper David Banner and even TV personality Tila Tequila. DJ Skee plans to do more shows in different cities.