Review: Goodie Mob Reunion Show

AllHipHop Staff

Everybody knows that Goodie Mob is one of the main acts that put Atlanta on Hip-Hop center stage in the ‘90s. After years of inner separation, the Mob is back to the delight of Hip-Hop.

Needless to say, I was extremely excited about going to this show since I have been listening to them since ‘94 and haven't ever had the occasion to see them all together. It had been raining torrentially in The A all week and Saturday September 19th was no different. The soggy environment was not a deterrent. We put on our boots, rain coats and went to the show at Masquerade Atlanta, an outside venue.

Others weren’t discouraged by the weather either, because when we got there, a line had formed and was wrapped around the corner. We got in the line at 7:30 pm, and the doors had just opened about a half hour earlier. Even still it, was a fairly large crowd. When we finally got into the venue, Atlanta’s own Pastor Troy was on and working the crowd into a frenzy. After his set, he humbly came down into the crowd and took pictures with the fans. (Well, my girl went into groupie mode and got one with him.) Troy was really a nice guy and very fan conscious, which was cemented as he liberally took time to speak to folks.

After Pastor Troy was finished, The Youngbloodz provided another appetizer to the main course – Goodie Mob. Soon thereafter, a light drizzle began to fall on the crowd, but instead of it thinning out, the crowd bolstered even more. More people came, it was almost reminiscent of the old Music Midtown days.

Finally – it was time for Goodie Mob!

They came out to the theme of the “Rocky” movies, the song that repeats “Getting Stronger.” They were donned in red with these crimson capes and provided an exceedingly vivid scene. They were all there - including Cee Lo – who many speculated would not appear.

They rocked it. Boy, did they rock it. They hit all the old classics from the first album (1995’s Soul Food), including my personal favorite “Goodie Bag.” The crowd was like a bunch of little kids in a toy store. Personally, the only way for me to stop grinning was to rap along with the songs. The atmosphere was festive and exuded electricity.

Oddly, Khujo was the showman of the night upstaging the rest of the clan with his onstage persona and antics. He was so animated and moving so well, that most of the audience clearly forgot that he now walks with a prosthetic leg. During the show, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown appeared to the crowd’s delight. Unfortunately, Andre 3000 was a no show.

When Cee-Lo brought Big Boi on stage and asked the crowd if they would like another Outkast album, the audience thunderously replied "Hells Yes!" Big Boi didn’t fully commit, but he stated that the Outkast Opus would likely come after his next solo CD. But, the audience was equally enthralled at the prospect of getting another Goodie Mob album at the top of 2010.

But, through it all – the rain and the rumors - this was a great show, one that none in attendance will soon forget. Hip-Hop is a mass of people packed into one place rain, sleet or snow and watching the Goodie Mob unified with out a fight, shooting or even scuffle to disrupted the groove.

It was all love the entire night.

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