Review: Just Dizle – "The Infamous Mobb Deep Mix"

Just Dizle is the French DJ that proclaims himself "Le Champion." The moniker is fitting with a listen to his latest mixtape. "The Infamous Mobb Deep Mix" sounds simple, but it serves as a cold splash of water to a forgetful Hip-Hop Nation. This sobering reminder reacquaints fans with The Infamous Mobb Deep, comprised of Havoc and Prodigy. With P in jail on weapons charges, the group has been on hold, but he's soon to be released. This mixtape couldn't come at a better time. Artwork, link and track listing below. - AllHipHop StaffJust Dizle – The Infamous Mobb Deep Mix

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1.Got it Twisted

2.The Illest

3.On the Run

4.Right Back at You

5.Temperatures Rising (Remix)

6.Temperature’s Rising (LP Version)

7.Temperature’s Rising (OG Mix)

8.Bloodshed and War (Remix)

9.Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)

10.Get Away

11.The Realest

12.Put Em In They Place


14.Cradle to the Grave

15.Animal Instinct

16.Tick Tock


18.Throw Your Hands (in the Air)


20.Up North Trip

21.Thug Muzik

22.When U Hear the

23.Back At You

24.Thrill Me

25.Capital P, Capital H


27.Trife Life

28.Thou Shall Not Kill

29.Give It Up Fast

30.Clap First

31.G.O.D. pt.3

32.Murda Muzik

33.Microphone Master (Sewa 41st Side Street Mix)



36.Survive Da Game

37.Win or Lose

38.Kill Or Be Killed

39.Favorite Rapper

40.More Trife Life

41.Tough Love

42.Q.U. Hectic

43.The Nighttime G.O.D. Pt. III Dirty

44.Hell On Earth (Front Lines)

45.Hold Down The Fort

46.Drop A Gem Clean Version

47.Eyes May Shine Remix

48.Rare Species (Modus Operandi)

49.Give Up the Goods


51.Shook Ones Pt. I

52.Shook Ones pt II



55.Angel Dust


57.Spread Love

58.It Could Happen To You

59.Still Shinin’

60.Where Ya Heart At

61.Young Luv

62.Survival of the Fittest (Remix)

63.Survival of the Fittest (Lp Version)

64.Drink Away the Pain

65.Double Shots-(Radio)

66.Quiet Storm