Rich Boy: Getting Grown

Getting past one hit wonder status is something earned, not given. Rich Boy sprung into the spotlight thanks to his Polow Da Don produced "Throw Some D's" hit. That's cool. But it's the grind he put in coming out of Mobile, AL before and after his Caddy loving smash that's going to keep him around at least a little while longer. Guess the feds got bored because lately mixtapes have been poppin' again (ask his G-Unit labelmates) and Rich Boy is stepping in the fray with his Bigger than the Mayor mixtape. Of course, the rap upstart is plotting to drop his sophomore album, Buried Alive, sometime this year. So for now, here's how the boy plans on keeping his career mighty healthy. So what’s up with this new mixtape you got poppin’?.Rich Boy: I felt l like I had to go back to the drawing board man and do something; for the streets man and do somethin’ for the mixtape fans since some people just get mixtapes and don’t even f**k with albums, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s like a whole new game out there with the mixtapes so I said man I need to do somethin’ for mixtapes. I went and had some fun with it man, just went in the lab man and put some s**t together. I produced over half of it, my other partners help me produce it was Zaytoven [the guy that do a lot of tracks with Gucci Mane] and Super Villain.[Rich Boy Bigger Than The Mayor - The Mixtape] (mediafire link) I know you’ve always done production is that something you definitely wanted to showcase on the mixtape, the production side?Rich Boy: Oh yeah, most definitely man, I wanted to display that side of me. I felt like I didn’t really do as much production as I should have done on my first album, you know, I did two tracks on it, I put some time behind it and it just really shows I’m assuming you’re already recording album number two so how far are you along with it?Rich Boy: Oh yeah man, I’m half way along with it. I’m most definitely gonna drop my first single this summer off the album, it’s gonna be titled Buried How did “Haters Wish” come together? That sound like an album cut right there.Rich Boy: Me and my boy…I co-produced that with my partner Super Villain. It just came about man. He just sent me the track it was half way there so I just was feelin’ it so much man I couldn’t stop playin’ it so I just added, I put some extra sounds to it and brought it to life. Then I jumped on it and it just felt like me man. It felt like a song, it just felt natural, it just came natural.[Rich Boy "Haters Wish"] What do you want to get across with Buried Alive?Rich Boy: I just want to touch up on a lot of issues that I see wrong with the world, a lot of struggles that I know people go through daily, including me, so the album is just going to be ten times deeper than my mixtape. My mixtape is just what I see, the mixtape reflects the lifestyle where I come from man, the lifestyle that I live, but my album is how I would like to see the world and stuff I see going on in the world so it’s a big difference between my mixtape and my What are some of those issues that are going to be prominent on the album?Rich Boy: I most definitely gotta start off [touching] up on some topics on the world war, the economy, the struggles that every person go through that they ain’t able to do anything [about]. We even touch on the basis [that] a lot of people got cancer man, there’s a lot of issues that people go through daily and they just ain’t got them songs that they can relate That’s great man, it seems like a lot of MCs and rappers don’t really do that or care to do that.Rich Boy: Yeah man, you can’t be selfish, you gotta think about the world Now, the “Ghetto Rich Remix” that came out kinda late, why?Rich Boy: Man, I can’t even explain, it was like a feeling I had to do that. So I’m the type of person that whatever I feel I need to do it and if I really feel I need to do it, I’ma just do it. It was just something I was passionate about man. That’s what any real artist should do though, whatever they feel like doing. It ain’t always about the money, even though it is a business. I feel like that's what makes me a real artist man, I just do what I feel I need to do.[Rich Boy f/ John Legend, Lil Wayne & Nas "Ghetto Rich Remix"] Just like you funding the “Let’s Get This Paper” video on your own, right?Rich Boy: Yeah, I paid for that video out my pocket. That was another situation where I just felt passionate about it and I felt like that was me and people need to know and see a visual, so they can get an understanding of where I’m coming from and how I really feel about certain things.I got crazy feedback on that man. I was satisfied with the outcome of it and it stay getting crazy reviews to this day.[Rich Boy "Let's Get This Paper" Video] What made you decide to do that on your own ‘cause I think you’d already had your three videos out and most artists feel like alright, I’m good for right now.Rich Boy: ‘Cause I wasn’t getting no support from the labels about the real songs I had, the songs that was really me you know they just wanted to push the club song, the pop record; usually s**t that be hot in the mainstream. They don’t understand the streets and they don’t understand that an artist has to put out real songs sometimes man and this is the label that had one of the greatest ever, So do you go in the studio with that in the back of your mind like you might be in the mood for a street record or you might be in the mood to drop a party record that day or time like what’s your mind state?Rich Boy: Yeah, yeah. I really just go off the vibe that I get as soon as I step in the building you know. If I feel like partyin’ it’s ‘gon be a party song if I feel down and going through somethin’ the song’s gonna show that you know what I’m sayin’, it’s ‘gon reflect how I feel that day.[Rich Boy "Monsta"] Now when did you start putting together the mixtape?Rich Boy: I probably started putting the mixtape together like three months ago. I started putting the album together like a month And is Polow Da Don still involved?Rich Boy: Most definitely man, that’s my right hand What would you say is one of the best lessons that you picked up rollin’ with Polow?Rich Boy: Just learning how to be a businessman before anything you know, it is a Most artists don’t make it past album two, so what do you you want to bring to the rap game in the long term.Rich Boy: It might be too early for me to say this but I most definitely want to be a legend in the game. I don’t want people to be able to wash me out they memory that easy. I want to be a stain on people’s memory man.