Rick James Pt. 5: Farewell Rick

AllHipHop.com: It’s

really good to hear somebody like yourself say these things. It’s good for

us to be able to talk like this and really be real and let people know that it’s

not a joke.

Rick: But you know

what? It’s just that Black people are just taking the stance that they

just don’t care. And, it’s scary.


I don’t understand how people can’t just care. My parents grew up

really poor…

Rick: People don’t

know what they are about. There’s no more SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating

Committee] and no more H. Rap Brown and no revolutionaries anymore. There are

no people that will stand up anymore.


I couldn’t believe that Al Sharpton signed on for a reality show.

Rick: Oh that freaks

you out?



Rick: That freaks

you out? Jesse Jackson will sign on for one. Come on lets talk about the Uncle

Toms of the world.


I guess I’m and idealist.

Rick: I’m

an idealist, but I’m a realist too. I’m getting ready to do one

of those reality shows too. Me and Jamie Fox. It’s going to be about getting

Rick James back in shape, going out again. So, I’m going to be able to

talk some good s**t and let people hear it. It’s not like music; I can

say things and motherf***ers have to listen.


Is this in development now?

Rick: Yeah, matter

of fact; I have to call Jamie today.


I’m happy for you.

Rick: Allah is

blessing me. He ain’t blessing me to keep my mouth shut because I ain’t

never did that.


Most people are scared to talk.

Rick: They ain’t

scared to talk, they ain’t got nothing to say! They are a bunch of knuckleheads.


I’m a tell you because it’s true, but it’s not true. I interviewed

Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent’s boy, and he had a lot to say…

Rick: All I know

about 50 Cent’s is he got more bullets in him than Al Capone. He’s

a player hater. He’s the only ni**a I saw sitting down at the f***in’

[BET] awards show not giving props. To say something, you have to have something

to back it up. You better have knowledge. I don’t care what you talk about,

whether its politics, theology or whatever. You better have your times and your

dates together. When dealing with these fake a** people or these politicians,

and I f**kin’ be blowing their minds [and they are like] “So, you

never even finished high school?” No, but I did something else, I read

and I studied – So lets talk motherf***er!


I think artists are scared. As much as gangsta rap is hardcore, they rarely

upset the powers that be like Ice-T or somebody did.

Rick: That’s

their problem. I ain’t afraid of s**t. I’ll take a bullet for what

I believe is right. I’ll die in the name of Allah at anytime.


That’s the thing with the war…it’s like they are fighting

for their God.

Rick: Muslims are

fighting in the name of God; [the U.S.] is fighting in the name of dollars and



When somebody is fighting in the name of God…

Rick: …you

can’t win, you cannot lose.


Wow. Rick, thanks a lot. I don’t really have anything else to say.

Rick: Much love

to you. I have a feeling that you will be blessed greatly. You have an open-heart

and an open mind and you are willing to just talk about it. I can wait until

one day we can meet eye-to-eye and just talk more.


I hope to meet you and your daughter.

Rick: You all get

together and you take care of her. Please look out for her.


It was such a pleasure. By the way, one thing about Hip-Hop is that, even though

it’s based on sampling, it really allows some of us to appreciate people

that they don’t promote anymore.


Rick: Nobody is

trying to stop us from your memory. They’re trying to stop us from going

forward. They are not even thinking about us much, so we have to give them something

to think about. [Muhammad] Ali tells me, “Rick, keep saying what you are

saying and keep it real.” I love him and he’s like my mentor. And

I’m not going to stop.