Rick Ross & Brisco: Dem Florida Boyz (Mixtape Review)

Dem Florida Boyz is hyped to be one of the hottest mixtapes out the sun shine state. Hosted by DJ G Spot, the tape features Rick Ross and a plethora of Florida talent namely Brisco. With all the competition in Hip-Hop and certain Southern regions feeling that there not being recognized for their hard work and success, this mixtape is just an introduction of what Florida has to offer.

A brief intro from G Spot quickly moves into which may be the song of the year “Swagger Like Us”. Rick Ross Spits the usual sixteen, once again redefining why he’s a boss. A few highlights come from Rick Ross with help from the Carol City Cartel on “Ridin Thru The Ghetto”; a definite late night tune you can ride slow to. “Dope Boys”, and “Pop That P****” featuring Birdman are both head-nodders from start to finish.

For the remainder of the disc its Brisco spewing hard lyrics about true life events and street life struggles. On “I’m Back” he spits “And on my quest all I need is a vest gun and ammo / The way I work that steel I should’ve played Rambo / Or G.I. Joe or Sergeant Slaughter / Major Payne but I ain’t talking about comedy partna.” Other highlights include “This Is My Life”, “This Is The Life Remix”, and “Get Like Me”.

Unfortunately there isn't anything on this effort pushing it towards any creative credibility. Throughout this mixtape you’ll hear the usual formulas of your radio tunes, so called freestyles, simple hooks, and flashy lyrics. Therefore a few of the tracks on the tape may be unimpressive to many of those outside 305 (“Just Know That", "Go Hard", "Get Crown"). Those craving that signature M.I.A. Yayo sound will appreciate the focus on Florida here; others, not so much.

Rick Ross

"Swagger Like Us (Freestyle)"


"I'm Back"

Dem Florida Boyz