Rick Ross "Opens" For Rakim In NYC

AllHipHop Staff

Rakim performed in New York City last night and had an unlikely Hip-Hop figure "open" for the show.

Rick Ross, the "boss," was in the area and he performed an impromptu show for "the god" of rap.

"Put your hands in the motherf***ing sky right now. The Boss Ricky Ross is in motherf*cking New York, what's up? Yeah...Hold up, hold up, hold up...I gotta pay homage to motherf*cking, the motherf*cking icon of DJ Kid Capri. I just tore down the stage at the Madison Square with my n*gga John Legend and I heard the motherf***ing, the motherf***ing Rakim was gonna be in the motherf*cking building. So Triple C's came through, I got the BX with me, I got Def Jam in this motherf*cker and we came out to show motherf*cking love to the real motherf*cking legend."

Then Ross performed. See clips of both artists performing their hit records. Even Ross has to proclaim Rakim the "boss."