Roc Nation's Rita Ora Talks Jay-Z and BIC

From our friends at Vibe Vixen

Twenty-one-year-old Rita Ora’s name has been buzzing since her first single on Roc Nation, “Party & Bulls**t” dropped a few weeks ago. The blonde-haired UK bombshell recently sat with (UK) to discuss her current climb to celebrity, touching on everything from her familial connection to the Roc Nation family to her key advice for men’s style.

When asked about Jay-Z as a boss, she says, “He’s a great mentor, a great boss and so is his wife. There’s not a lot of people on Roc Nation so the few that are genuinely get time spent on their project. It’s like a family, well especially now with Blue Ivy – although she just chills: eats, sleeps, wakes up, eats, sleeps.”

Rita isn’t exactly new to the Roc Nation familia. She signed to the still growing label about three years ago, but was being groomed for artistry. “Jay-Z taught me a lot about patience as an artist. I was itching. When I was 18, I thought it was all going to happen so quickly – I just thought next week I’d be on Oprah!”

If you’re looking to keep up with the British bombshell, make plans to attend a Coldplay concert. “They heard my tracks and then “Hot Right Now” went to number one,” she gushes. “I’ve met them a few times over the last few years so they asked me to be on the tour. I’m over the moon – they play huge arenas and I can’t wait to finally do it!”