Roddy Ricch brings Out PNB Rock, Salutes Meek Mill at TLA

Roddy Ricch had the city of Philadelphia lit last weekend.

By: India Sage (@indiasagethebrand)

With all of its flashy fashions and diversified acts, California is no easy place to gain traction. The “Die Young” rapper, Roddy Ricch, however, has established his name with a stand-alone sound and flow that has managed to rock him all the way out to the other side of the country: just this past weekend, fans were in Philly citing his lyrics as if they were West Coast natives, themselves.

Roddy Ricch noted that he grew up listening to Speaker Knockerz, Future, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne as inspirations for the sound of his music, which can be heard through his seemingly quick-witted yet deeply reflective lyrics topped with a heartfelt southern twang. His heavy lyrics and light, playful beats is what caught the attention of the world.

His song “Die Young” helped to put him on the map, despite not having had any viral dance or catchy social media challenge to boost its visibility. Ricch also noted that he himself did not anticipate the success of the track, stating that his decision to release it as a single was because he simply “liked it”.

This level of authenticity is what, no doubt, helped to establish the loyal fan base and following he has earned since then.

During his performance in Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts (TLA), you could hear the pandemonium in the crowd as they sang along to songs like “Every Season” and “Down Below” almost as if he had already reached the heights of those whom he’d originally sighted as his influencers.

This was of no surprise to me, of course. After all, isn’t this what everyone says they want? Not just from their favorite rapper, but everyone else, too? Authenticity. Both songs can be enjoyed on his latest mixtape “Feed Tha Streets 2.”

At just twenty years old, Roddy Ricch is on his way to becoming one of the hottest rappers from his hometown of Compton, California.

The rapper is two mixtapes in and has already garnered praise and caught the attention from Philly rapper, Meek Mill, whose latest project, Championships, features the up and coming Roddy Richh.

The Compton rapper showed love to his east coast colleague PNB Rock and brought him out (before his arrest) as a surprise guest during the performance. Ricch even ended the night with an energetic tribute to Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” anthem.

While a freshman to the game, Ricch leaves much to be anticipated as he prepares to channel album worthy content from all he has seen so far. If his TLA performance was anything to go by, it could surely be one worth mentioning for times to come.