Ronald Isley x Lauryn Hill = “Close To You”

Who knows if Lauryn Hill will ever officially return to Hip-Hop as a rapper. To be honest, Lauryn’s so talented, most of us would be happy to have her in any way. This is why her recent duet with Ronald Isley is such a joy. The pair remake the classic Burt Bacharach-written record “Close To You” and give it a modern twist. Not one once of the legendary song is lost on Lauryn and Mr. Bigg. Even though the Hip-Hop Nation could use the emcee talents of Lauryn Hill, this will do for now. As for Ronald “Mr. Bigg” Iseley – glad to have you back too after that lil' bid.

Burt Bacharach and Barbra Streisand sing "Close To You" - nearly 40 years ago!