Artist: SabacTitle: SabacolypseRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: DJ L.K. (Low Key)

Think Non-Phixion is all about sex, drugs and violence? You don't even know the half. Sabac Red, the groups most overlooked member, is an emcee with a message. Following in the footsteps of great social and political emcees like Chuck D, Sabac is a rebel with a cause. Sabacolypse is his testament to bringing about a change, not only in the urban community, but globally as well.

His debut solo album, Sabac is able to bridge the gap between the streets and politics. Each song on the album is broken down into one of the six categories; truth, awareness, vision, voice, militance and solution. It is obvious that Sabac intends to deliver a strong message with each track on the album, as he addresses everything from AIDS on "The Scientist", to police brutality on "Fight Until The End". However, the album's finest moment is Sabac's most optimistic effort, "A Change Gon' Come". The beautiful song epitomizes Sabac's message throughout the album. Sabac paints a picture of social and political turmoil, but through it all, he knows change will happen.

Sabac is a representation of a true emcee, as he uses his voice as a means to educate and uplift. He is a soldier for the people and for everyone who is oppressed in this world. If there is one thing listeners can take from Sabacolypse it is that even through all the turmoil and grief, Sabac is always preaching that a change is going to come. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it may continue to get darker, Sabac will always be fighting for change.