Saigon: Another Opinion

What up y’all, my name is Saigon aka 96A0549 aka The Yardfather. I am a big fan of and up until today highly respected the views and validity of the site. Someone notified me today that there was a review of “Warning Shots” on the site. First of all, “Warning Shots” is not my debut album but rather a collection of the work I’ve been doing on the mixtape/underground circuit that has garnered love and respect from hip-hop heads all over the world. gave the disc 3 and a half stars, which is not at all bad. I could’ve lived with that. But once I read the review I had a serious problem with some of the things this guy Paine stated about me as well as my music. One, because it’s totally contrary to reality. He stated the disc had a lackluster beginning. But isn’t it ironic that the first 7 songs on the CD are the songs that got me all this attention I’ve been getting e.g.: nominations for mixtape artist of the year, the cover of Elemental Magazine, numerous Source articles, XXL article and many, many more? I purposely put my best songs first on the CD and this guy says it has a lackluster beginning… WOW.

Secondly he stated that I tried to make radio and club songs and failed at it. Then he goes on to say if I could make radio songs, wouldn’t I have been a national star right now? The one reason I don’t have a deal is because I refuse to cater to industry standards and make songs for radio or for the club. But this guy goes on to say that I try and fail at it. I make music from the heart. That statement was like a slap in the face to me. I’ve done all this work on my own, never had any label support, never any money behind me… just my sheer will and determination to win.

You’re never gonna see a guy with no major money behind him become a national star, just like you’ll never again see a guy with no record deal or any money behind him be able to tour the world and have such a huge following as I do. He kinda discredited all the hard work I’ve done with some of his statements. If my lyrics are “run of the mill bus stop lyrics,” then why aren’t those kids at the bus stop where I am? Because once again I state that I don’t have a record deal, never have and don’t care if I never do because enough real people support Saigon and recognize the real. I’m not hurting for money so I’m alright.

Whoever this kid Paine is, you guys need to make him go study hip-hop some more, cause it’s obvious he wasn’t born into this way of life. I have tons of respect for a lot of guys at My man Jigsaw helped my career greatly and I love what he’s doing for hip-hop. But I must say this was irresponsible journalism at its finest. Paine should have been bigging me up for all my achievements to show them rappers at the bus stop that you don’t need a record label to get yourself out there. Instead he tries to bash me because I’m not a “national star” cause I can’t make radio records. Like I couldn’t have thought of “err body in the club getting tipsy” yeah… okay.

Due to my respect for the guys at All Hip-Hop I won’t say what’s on my heart. I’ll say what’s on my mind. If I said what’s on my heart it wouldn’t be this clean. And as for Paine, someone needs to be over his shoulder when he reviews these CD’s… He’s playing with people’s lives. We put it in a lot of work…too much to let some new school corporate hip-hop guy discredit it… He needs to listen to the Whoo Kid freestyle again…ha ha. ONE

[Editor's note: Paine has been a valued writer at for years and we have found him to be an asset to the team. He's been down with real hip-hop even though he and Saigon have a pointed difference of opinion about "Warning Shots." We feel our staffers are knowledgeable enough to be entitled to their opinion about the music, the culture and the artists. We don't attempt to stifle those opinions. In the same vein, we are willing to let artists express their views, even if they are critical of what we do. All parties agree that Warning Shots is worth your money so please support Saigon and other emcees pushing hip-hop to new heights.]