Saigon & Statik Selektah: All In A Day's Work (Album Review)

AllHipHop Staff


Tired of standing around in the shadows waiting for Just Blaze to get off his ass to release his loooong overdue debut disc, The Greatest Story Never Told (Amalgam Digital)Brooklyn emcee Saigon has spent his time beefing with Joe Budden, punching Prodigy in the face, appearing as himself on Entourage and pushing an album out in 24 hours with the help of producer Statik Selektah.

Taking only one day to produce an album seems like a short period of time considering Rap fans have been waiting since 2002 for Saigon to drop a debut, however while All In A Day’s Work shows signs of a rushed job at times, for the most part it proves to be the hype piece that Saigon needed to keep heads interested in what he has to say.

Saigon starts off nice on “To Be Told” where Statik laces him with a melancholy yet soulful soundscape where Sai smoothly takes aim at internet haters and bloggers: “Bang, upside your head / E-thug / I Control / Alt Delete you dead”.

Other standouts include throwback joint “The Rules” that comes complete with Saigon’s personal set of Rap rules that the game should abide by and a stuttering Busta Rhymes sample, as well as the synth, flute and scratch-driven “Spit” that showcases the hungry emcee’s battle skills.

The duo starts showing wear on tracks like“Prepare For Wear”. While the beat is a nice nod to greats like Preemo, Saigon just doesn’t do the track justice with his elementary school style lyrics, “I ain’t Blood / But still will *uck a Crip up / I ain’t Crip / but still will *uck a Blood up / So shut the *uck up!” Also on “My Crew”, Saigon falters over a cheesy female croon sample where he brags about how dope his crew is and how good he is in the sack.

No album is perfect, let alone one that was apparently pieced together in a day, and if All In A Day’s Work is any indication, then we should all expect to hear quite an intriguing “story” once Saigon’s official debut finally sees the light of day.




"The Rules"