Saigon: You Better Believe It

AllHipHop Staff

AllHipHop bumrushed the set of Saigon’s music video, “Gotta Believe It”, the inspirational street record that features Just Blaze on the controversial Autotune.

Saigon gets in depth about the background behind the song and his viewpoint on major record labels. The New Yorker also states how his bout with the majors is a story of many-a-rapper and how he’s tested the limits of creative freedom

In collaboration with Just Blaze, Saigon created his new record using his own money for complete creative control of the project and also his destiny.

This video and song weaves a personal meaning to Saigon and he told it exemplifies how he feels music today.

On a side note, Saigon will be featured in the AllHipHop Social Lounge at NJPAC in Newark, NJ with Killer Mike, Raekwon, Ras Baracka and more. They will discuss president Obama, the generational gap in Hip-Hop and other pressing matters on Oct. 17!

Check it out.

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