Sean Price: Master P [Mixtape]

Cats aren’t the only animals that get nine lives. For an MC that came out in the underground scene in the mid-1990’s to still be garnering favorable attention is hard to accomplish. Somehow, someway, Sean Price is doing it. His last effort Jesus Price Superstar made an impression through crazy lyrics and a consistent underground feel on the production side. He continues in this same tradition for his latest mixtape Master P (Duck Down). Conceptually and lyrically, this is one of the best mixtapes put out this year. Sean P plays off the more famous version of “Master P” by designing his album cover with the cheesy diamond and jewel incrusted fonts and graphics used by the No Limit general. A concept P-Body excels at is the self-realization of his resurgence. “Six Dollar Man” is a Six Million Dollar Man-type skit where the most broke rapper ever is rebuilt with “better, wittier, crazier wordplay than before”. There is no disappointment in the lyrics category when he unleashes a barrage of rhymes worth rewinding along with lines that can make you literally LOL. On “The Huckabuck” he says “Sean’s 33 like Abdul-Jabbar/ He’s too old to be rapping/ How true you are”. There are plenty of standout cuts like “All I Know” , “One Question” and “Jamaican” with more lines like “Brownsville, never ran never will/Unless you strapped and I’m not/F*ck it I got to peel”. The production is solid and consistent, handled by Khrysis, DJ Babu, and a double-duty effort from Diamond D when he raps on “Get it Together”. Price also uses the beat from Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” for “Long Fifth Goodnight” where he spits “Laugh now, cry later/Kiss my ass goodbye but I’m back/Hi haters”. There are more than a few collaborations that take away from hearing P-Body’s bullying flow, sometimes even putting him on the last verse of the song. No matter where his verse is, it’s definitely worth hearing.With rumors of Sean P considering signing a major deal with Def Jam, or whoever, it’s obvious he should be recognized as one of the most unique MC’s in the game. Maybe time had to catch up with him or he just doesn’t care anymore, either way lyrically and creatively Sean Price has earned a Master’s degree.