Second Round's On Me

AllHipHop Staff

Artist: Obie TriceTitle: Second Round's On MeRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Eb Haynes

Obie Trice speaks the truth when he asserts, "Nigga I'm violent," on the aptly titled "Violent". Or, to be more specific, Second Round's On Me (Shady/Interscope) serves as a violent soundtrack to his turbulent past and present. Though the Hip-Hop world was eager to embrace yet another uniquely clever album from the honorable D12 member, Obie Trice. Produced and mixed mostly by Eminem, Obie's highly anticipated sophomore project overdoses on cynicism.

2006 has been the year for delayed projects. Obie definitely had plural reasons to push his project. Obie was shot in the head New Year's Eve 2005 and D12's beloved member Proof was tragically killed April 11, 2006. Obie felt compelled to delay the project in order to regurgitate his enraged feelings. The result is an 18-track, extremely revealing journey with songs like "Ballad of Obie Trice," "Obie Story," "Mama" and the second single, "Cry Now" produced by Witt and Pep.

Second Round’s On Me, spawns memorable moments. "A lil' somethin' different from the homie from Michigan/Basically Obie's rippin' on any in-stra-ment he's given." On the metal-rock simulated "Wanna Know" produced by Emile, Obie boasts of his staying power and how he would reign supreme even without the help of "the white boy behind him." The first single "Snitch" featuring and produced by Akon is a catchy groove. "Jamacian Girl," piloted by Eminem's signature thriving 808, will have sexy ladies winding in the club. Thankfully, the album is not drowning in superstar guest appearances. 50 Cent lands on "Everywhere I Go," Nate Dogg is featured on "All of My Life" also, a high-pitch Shady, Big Herk and Trick Trick emerge on the Detroit anthem, "There They Go."

The pitfall of the album is Obie's repetitive assertions of his ability as a superior emcee and his real persona as a certified street dude. Although monotonous, it's easy to understand why Obie and Eminem's outlook for the album is exceedingly dark. Second Round's On Me is a Hip-Hop conundrum. Is it a gloomy underdog, underground classic? Or, is it a mediocre commercial failure? You decide.