Set In Chicago, "Canal Street" Digs Deep Into Social Justice, Race And Religion

Canal Street is the latest movie that explores the complexities of being Black in America.

By Abe Isaac

(AllHipHop Features) Written by director Rhyan Lamarr in 2005, “Canal Street” is an independent film that finds itself with familiar and relevant landmarks (race, religion and criminal justice system) that audiences can park their attention to in 2019. At the center of the story line is Kholi Styles played by Bryshere Gray (stars as Hakeem in FOX’s Empire) who is accused of murdering a white schoolmate. Kholi is pitted and must prove his innocence against prosecutor A.J. Canton played by Mekhi Phifer (films Clockers, Paid In Full and 8 Mile) who seeks a conviction regardless of the ethnicity involved. The film provides a balanced perspective set in the story’s Chicago news media that brings up a seemingly lasting debate (for a film shot in 5 days!) on class and crime that viewers will have to make a decision on for themselves.

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