Sharkey's Machine

Artist: SharkeyTitle: Sharkey's MachineRating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: A.P. Ghetto King General

In Hip-Hop, if an artist is called diverse its usually because they are trying to crossover. Well, when it comes to Producer/DJ Sharkey, that’s not the case. Sharkey is an up and coming DJ out of DC that has taken the diversity of his hometown’s party scene and created a truly unique album, Sharkey’s Machine. This title aptly fits because it sounds as if it was recorded in a factory. Sharkey’s main Hip-Hop ingredients are break beats and heavy electronic melodies. Also included in this diverse mixture are guest appearances from Cannibal Ox, Jean Grae, Grand Puba, The Pharcyde, and Cherrywine (formally known as Butterfly of Digable Planets).

The first single, “Fuzz”, is a keyboard heavy track featuring Cannibal Ox. This is Sharkey and Cannibal Ox’s statement to the world of Hip-Hop. “Fuzz” sets the tone for the ride through Sharkey’s wild machine. Other highlights include the guitar filled “Phone Sex” featuring Cherrywine and “Summer in the City” with Jean Grae (using a sample of BDP’s “Edutainment”) “Snobird” features a leaner Pharcyde and is more “new wave” than Hip-Hop. But that’s to be expected from someone as diverse as Sharkey vibing with The Pharcyde.

Beyond the songs mentioned, there are a lot of instrumental tracks that may turn the average Hip-Hop head away. With co-production from Mario Caldalo Jr. (Beastie Boys) and Mickey Petralla (Beck), you get a Beasties meet the Beatles feel on these tracks. However I feel every album has its place. For Sharkey, the Machine is most fit for an ultra hip martini bar in a big city. This album is definitely not dedicated to the streets, but built more for a place where young professionals can relax after leaving their cubicles.